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The Details Matter, Right?

Think about your Favorite Actor I would venture a guess that most people reading this enjoy a good film. Think about your favorite actor or actress.  No matter the film, if your favorite actor is in it, you are going to go see their movie. They are the main character, the hero of the movie. Got […]

Quick Tips for a Tidy Home

It’s summer!! Wahoo!!!! Summer means longer days, popsicles, sunshine, and a change of schedule. While this change of schedule might not yield a change of pace, most of us tend to welcome it with arms wide open, knowing full well we’ll blink and it will be Labor Day weekend, and the craft stores will be pulling […]

You Are Loved by Stars Go Dim {Music Monday}

If you have EVER felt unloved, then you need this song, You Are Loved by Stars Go Dim, as a reminder that you are LOVED! Know without a shadow of a doubt that God created you and He loves you!  How can we know this?  Before the Earth was even formed, He had a plan […]