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When God Calls Us to Do the Impossible Things

Impossible Things “More often than not a human creature seemed cast for the role that suited him least. There was a purpose here, perhaps. To swim with the stream was easy; it was swimming against it that increased one’s strength.” – Elizabeth Goudge, The Bird in the Tree  What is that thing you said you’d […]

Back to the Basics!

Let’s get back to the basics!  Whether we are learning how to play basketball, cooking a new recipe, playing a game with our kids, or learning how to follow Christ, we must learn the basics. Without understanding the basics, we will never build a firm foundation or be able to excel at anything we choose […]

Thoughts From the Mom Who Needs Grace

Thoughts from the Mom Who Needs Grace It was a normal day at home with my girls. Things were getting a little chaotic and needed to change. Instead of stomping my foot and insisting a different mood, I choose to cultivate one. So I ask, “Would you girls like to help me bake some muffins?” […]

Are You Willing to Be Humiliated?

Are you willing to be humiliated? As the kids and I read through Isaiah 20, this was one of the main questions that came to mind. Are you willing to be Humiliated? What would be the most humiliating thing you can think of that God might ask you to do? In my wildest dreams I […]