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Are You Willing to Be Humiliated?

Are you willing to be humiliated? As the kids and I read through Isaiah 20, this was one of the main questions that came to mind. Are you willing to be Humiliated? What would be the most humiliating thing you can think of that God might ask you to do? In my wildest dreams I […]

Days of December

The days of December are here!   What words comes to your mind as you think about the days of December?  Joy. Excitement.  Hope. Waiting. Warmth.  Light.  There are so many words and images that fill my mind when I hear that the days of December are coming or are here. These are just a handful.  […]

Letting Go of Guilt

Clinging to our past is drenching, isn’t it? It keeps us from experiencing the fullness of the present. Sometimes we just need to let go. Perhaps it’s pride from past successes, insecurities that we’ve allowed to define us, pain from hurtful experiences, or crippling guilt from our mistakes. Is there anything from your past that […]