Pruning Roses

Today, I pruned our rose bushes. This is not my favorite job, even at the best of times. It certainly is not my favorite while being eight months pregnant. Pruning is hard work–prickly, back ache-y, and tough.

Pruning is Necessary

And yet, any gardener worth his salt will tell you that you need to prune your rose bushes. Something happens, even though it seems backwards. That cutting and snipping–with those awful, sharp scissors–it seems merciful that plants don’t have feeling! It would be horrible to feel each clip and snip, to watch your former glory fall off, dead and useless to the cold, wintry ground.

But it does something wonderful for the rose bush. You see, not only does the rosebush grow back, it grows back fuller, richer, more beautifully. The rose bush needed to have its branches pruned, no matter how painful (for the bush or for the cutter) in order for the rose to be at its best and most beautiful.

A Parallel in Our Own Lives

Isn’t that how we are with God? John 15:2 says:

Every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, that it may bear more fruit.

God knows exactly what we are capable of. And although pruning is certainly a better alternative to being thrown away, we know it to be painful in our own lives. When God’s deft, loving, and wise fingers prune me, it hurts. It hurts when sin must be ripped out of the dark corners of my life. It hurts when old, selfish habits must be relearned and bettered. When I must change my heart and my actions, it hurts. Because change is hard and often painful.

Pruning Sin from My Life Makes Me More Like Jesus

But I can also take hope. Just as I pruned my rosebushes, not with malice but with an eye to the future, with an understanding that it was for the bush’s best interests, certainly the Master Gardener, the Creator, the Almighty, will prune me with such thoughts. It may sting a little in the meantime, but in the end, I can be even more beautiful than a rose. I can be a reflection of Christ himself.


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  • Kristin

    That is a great illustration, and great encouragement for those of us in a “pruning” stage.

  • Julie

    Pruning is painful in both instances! When I do it to our rose bushes and when God does it to me to make me more fruitful!

  • Melissa

    This is such a great reminder. There was a time that I was working out too much and it had become a priority above many things. I then got a wrist injury and continues to cause me issues. It wasn’t until after that, that I realized God was wanting me to start my blog. I had to be pruned of one area of my life so that I could develop in another area that is more glorifying to God.

  • Emily

    This is such a good correlation to what we have to go through as Christians in order to grow. It may be painful, but it is worth it because I know I will come out closer to God on the other side!

  • Emily Guerrero

    This is a great metaphor. It’s hard to think about the future benefits when you’re trimming away but it really does pay off.