Continuation of Praying James

As we read the book of James, we find so many life lessons which apply to Christians today. Praise God for his enduring words, that what was written nearly two thousand years ago still has validity! Pray with us, as we continue studying the first chapter of James. If you’d like, you can read these prayers, or you can use these as a springboard for your own prayers.

James 1:19

Oh Lord, help us! We read this verse and want to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry but many times we do exactly the opposite. We are quick to become angry. Our words spew uncontrollably from our mouths, and we don’t take the time to even listen to what is being said.

Help calm our hearts, thoughts, and bodies when we feel we are in a situation where we are having trouble. Remind our hearts through your Holy Spirit to take a step back, keep our mouths shut, and truly listen. Let us listen to others, but more importantly, let us listen to you!

You are so much wiser than we are. No matter how strongly we feel about a certain topic, may we listen to your word. Allow it to sink into our hearts so that we can become mature and full of your wisdom.

In the One who patiently listened and took time to wisely respond – Amen!


James 1:20

Lord, we want to live a life that glorifies and honors you. When we allow anger to take root in our hearts, there is nothing righteous about it. Help us to take the advice of James and be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry. Let us not allow issues to fester in our heart and cause division among us, but instead humbly and graciously try to work things out.

You call us to show the world how you work. Reconciliation through Jesus Christ gives us the hope that we can work through anything here on earth if we will humble ourselves to you and each other. In the One who lives in us so we can produce the righteousness you desire – Amen!


James 1:21

Help us, Lord, shake ourselves free of the moral filth and evil we allow into our lives. Let us humbly accept the word you’ve planted in us, so we can distinguish between what is truly good and what masquerades as good.

When we cling to the things we shouldn’t, we pray we will allow the Holy Spirit to work in our lives so that we will no longer desire those things.

In the One who shines the light on what darkness tries to hide – Amen!


James 1:22

Okay, Lord, you are stepping on our toes in a much needed way! We read your Word and trust it as good and beneficial. We even memorize what you say, but do we actually let your Word come alive in our lives?

Are we allowing your Word to really change us? Can people tell by our actions that your love has taken root in our lives? Can our families?

Lord, help us be courageous enough to put into action what we are learning from you. Help us to shed our old ways and be truly transformed by your Word!

In the One who is the living Word – Amen!


James 1:23-24

Oh, Lord, most days we stand in front of the mirror and prep ourselves for the day. By the time we walk away with every hair put into place and teeth sparkling clean, we know we are looking good to greet the world.

But do we take the time to prep our hearts in the same way so that when we greet the world they see your Word in action? Or do we forget to live out what we read?

Help us, Lord, to take time to prep our hearts. Our desire is to not only read your words but to wrestle with them. We want to understand how to apply them to our daily lives!

Thank you for being the living Word and for giving us the Holy Spirit to help guide us throughout the day.

In Jesus’ powerful name – Amen!


James 1:25

It is only through you, Lord, that we can become truly free! We pray that we will intently look into your perfect law that gives freedom. Father, plant it in our hearts and then bring it to life in our everyday lives. May we not only be blessed by this but may all those around us–family, friends, and those we don’t know yet–be blessed by your love lived out in our lives. In the One who showed us the power of love and redemption – Amen!


James 1:26

Lord, we want to honor you in all we do. However, sometimes we allow our frustrations to overcome us, and we unleash our thoughts in a swift action to attack or defend our position.

Help us, Lord! Help us recognize and rein in the thoughts about to form on our tongues that will not honor you.

Let us not deceive ourselves into thinking that our actions honor you more than our words. You are not a God who seeks sacrifice over obedience. You would rather have us humble ourselves to you even if that means we can’t defend ourselves. Let us trust that you will defend us.

In the One who could have called ten thousand angels but chose to keep quiet and suffer on our behalf – Amen!



James 1:27

From the time you called each of us, Lord, you’ve asked us to deny ourselves and follow you. You’ve asked us to put you first and others second. You ask us to serve others like you’ve served us.

In this world that preaches the message “me first,” help us not to gratify ourselves but to put others before ourselves.

In the One who loves us more than we can imagine – Amen!






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