Praying James 5 – A Warning

When Praying James is Hard We are entering into the last chapter of James.  I'll warn you, the first part is a scolding. It's easy to read this passage and want to apply it to someone else. But let's be careful not to do that. Let's focus on our own hearts, because...
Five Encouraging Psalms to Start Your Day

Five Encouraging Psalms to Start Your Day

What does your morning look like? Do you jump out of bed, heading straight to the window? Or maybe you're more like me and you press snooze several times before slowly dragging yourself to the coffee maker. You might be busy getting ready for work, meeting the needs...

My Valentine’s Day Confession

Valentine's Day is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year. I perceive it differently.This perception has inspired me in how I love. As a child we had fun with it. Getting to choose, who got which valentine's card and what treat went with it.Taking the time...

Keeping Anger from Exploding into Sin

Anger unchecked is explosive. It can leave physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds. Learning how to keep anger from exploding into sin is a must in this society. We must not only teach ourselves but our children what to do when anger arises. Watching the news makes...

Broken Home Redeemed

Single Parent Broken Home Redeemed This is personal, from the heart and the message is hope. If only one single parent reads this and is encouraged it's mission accomplished. As a single mom I often feel like the odds are stacked against my son and I. We go through...

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

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