Being His Hands & Feet

How awesome would it be to come together as a body of believers across the nation and serve others in Jesus’ name!?! That is our goal in creating outreach opportunities so we can serve our God, our families and our communities in lovingly, impactful ways.  We want to be His hands & feet.

Each event is created with the idea in mind that we can gather together as a family or encourage many people to come together in whatever community we may live.

The Encouragement Challenge – January 

It’s the beginning of the year, and while some of us use this time as a reset button, this challenge can be picked up at any time!  This encouragement challenge is geared to helping you strengthen your heart, mind and soul!  It’s filled with videos and freebies to help you out.

Real Love Game – February 

This much is filled with love.  Let’s help our hearts and the hearts of children learn what real love is all about!

5 Ways to Encourage Missionaries – March

Missionaries need encouragement as well as financial support.  Find these easy ways to encourage a missionary today!

Letter to a Teacher – August

Pick a teacher that you know and send that person an encouraging note.  It may be your child’s teacher, a friend who is a teacher or a homeschooling momma.

Service Scavenger Hunt – September

Grab your family, group of friends or challenge a bunch of small groups, to a service scavenger hunt!  Head out to your neighborhood or one that could use some tender loving care and love on the people there by doing different mini-service projects.

Extending the Hand of Hospitality – November 

This month reach out to someone, a friend, an acquaintance or someone you have just met and share a meal with them.  When we share a meal we also tend to share our lives!  Check out the link above and learn about some easy ways to reach out to others via a meal.

On Every Street Corner You Hear – December

Christmas music fills the air in December, but so do the cries of those who need help. Here is a new way to view these cries.

Have a great suggestion for loving on our neighbors, let us know!  


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