Oh, dear…bad days…we all have them every now and then! Maybe it starts as soon as you wake up or perhaps a really good morning comes to a halt when the unexpected hits.

What if I told you that there might be a way to turn your bad day around? Would you believe me?

Turn Around Prayer


I’ve started using this “Turn Around Prayer” to help me when I’m feeling weak. A couple of weeks ago I was getting really frustrated with my husband over some little things… ironically this was the same day my post on having a grace-filled marriage came out! Of course, I wanted to show grace to my dear husband but these little things were just setting me off. I found a moment to myself and started to pray in this order. Feeling stronger, and ready to let the spirit shine through, I was then able to walk back into the living room with a fresh new attitude. I apologized for being unkind and calmly explained what was bothering me, but admitted that it really wasn’t a big deal. In fact–I actually found myself in the wrong! So we were able to move on with life and have a fun evening instead of a tense one. This prayer outline helps give me perspective so that I can confidently give my problems to the Lord and then turn my bad day into a great day! I pray that this will help you too.

  1. Hit your knees! Obviously I don’t mean you should literally hit your knees, but friend, get down on your knees in prayer. As soon as possible, find a spot where you can be alone–and if space and your health allow you to, drop down on your knees. There is something very powerful about actually kneeling before our Lord. Don’t cry out your problems just yet though!
  2. Lift up praise. That’s right…when your first thoughts are to complain I’m asking you to praise God for who He is. Acknowledge that He is the creator of our world, the almighty God who parted the Red Sea. Whatever it is about God that awes your heart to Him–speak that.
  3. Thank Him. I know! You are ready to vent already, but hold off just a bit. Can you think of three things you are thankful for? If you can, try not to just list those three things but also tell our Father why you are thankful for those things.
  4. Pray for someone else. Yes, before you vent your problems to God, pray for someone else. Try not to rush this step. Pray for this person in a way that would encourage you if you were the one being prayed for. If you can’t think of someone specifically, think of one of the many nations in turmoil, or the floor of cancer patients at your local children’s hospital. There are so many in need of our prayers.
  5. Seek strength. OK–now–in the name of Jesus you can tell God all about it and ask for strength and deliverance!
  6. Embrace His presence. Take time to feel His comforting arms around you as you close your prayer. Take time to listen for anything He’s trying to tell you.

If your “bad day” was started from trivial things, a prayer like this could completely change your attitude! It has for me! Sometimes though, there are really bad things that happen, and saying a prayer might not take away your sadness. A prayer doesn’t necessarily solve our problems for us, but prayer can give us power to turn our day around and find peace. Why? Because we’ve given it to God.

A prayer like this is extra helpful because before you’ve vented your struggles to Him, you’ve taken the time to measure your problem with who He is, how He’s blessed you, and the needs of others. You now have perspective.

Obviously, all prayer is powerful when it’s offered to our Mighty God. We don’t need fancy words or lengthy thoughts in order for God to hear us, so if all you can muster is a whisper of His name–He will hear.

“The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”

~James 5:16

When the going gets rough, seek Him.

That’s the best way to turn your bad day into a great day!




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