Tis the Season…well technically, it’s almost the season.  I know we haven’t even had the chance to enjoy Thanksgiving but I wanted to help us all prepare our hearts to center on what is most important during the upcoming Christmas season by sharing a system that I recently found and am really excited about using!

Ever since having children, my husband and I have started rethinking how we celebrate holidays.  Especially in regards to what we want our kids to treasure about each holiday.  Growing up the Christmas season was the most beautiful, wonderful time of the year. Filled with wonderful smells and sights.  All my Christmas memories seem to have a dreamy quality to them like no other holiday memory has.  I want these type memories for our children as well.

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Tired of being stressed during the Christmas Season

Maybe I’m alone in this, but I don’t think so. The Christmas season can be STRESSFUL!  But it doesn’t have to be.  By re-centering our hearts and minds on Christ, we can have peace during this beautiful season.

The first several years we had kids, I did the typical Christmas overload of activities.  And although fun, we were worn out!  Trying to check off the Christmas Bucket list can be unnecessarily stressful.  Instead of increasing the activity in our monthly calendar, the last few years we have taken a step back and enjoyed focusing our thoughts on the greatest gift of all – Jesus!

This year, I found the Christ-Centered Family Tradition System, and I am so excited to use this with our family to focus our hearts and minds on Christ during the Christmas season!


Customizable, Stress Free solution & Christ-Centered!

Finally, a flexible family Christmas traditions guide that will keep our family focus on Christ during this season!  I love that it is customizable to what our family needs. It is a collection of 143 printable resources that is so easy to use! It actually comes with a video and a how to guide so you can easily pick and choose what you want to use. My favorite part is that I can use what I want without feeling overwhelmed or guilty for missing something or not using it all.  There are so many wonderful choices and ways to focus on Christ using the Christ-Centered Christmas Family Traditions System but the four parts that we are the most excited about implementing are:

  • The fun 30 Day Countdown to Christmas Bible Study. Love this!

It’s a 30 day countdown but you can modify it to however many days you choose!

  • The 30 Christmas Acts of Kindness (we will only be doing 10 so we don’t feel overwhelmed).

  • A Birthday Gift for Jesus, who truly is the best gift of all!

  •  The oh so cute decorations! My kids are going to have so much fun preparing the banner and the ornaments for our front door Christmas tree.
  • And there is much more including a Merry Christmas banner that will be given as a bonus to those who purchase the system before next Thursday.

Click here to see all that is included!

It’s Currently on Sale!

If you are looking for a way to have your family’s heart beat for Christ during all the Christmas celebrations, then this system is for you! I wanted to let you know about it now, because now through next Wednesday it will be on sale!  I love sharing when I get things on sale, don’t you?  Today is the best day to purchase it because it will have the greatest discount and then rise incrementally til it hits full price next week.  Here is the schedule.

  • Day 1: Friday, 10/28: $19.99 (plus bonus banner) (about 45% off)
  • Day 2: Saturday, 10/29: $21.99 (plus bonus banner) (about 38% off)
  • Day 3: Sunday, 10/30: $23.99 (plus bonus banner) (about 32% off)
  • Day 4: Monday, 10/31: $25.99 (plus bonus banner) (about 27% off)
  • Day 5: Tuesday, 11/1: $27.99 (plus bonus banner) (about 22% off)
  • Day 6: Wednesday, 11/2: $29.99 (plus bonus banner) (about 16% off)
  • (LAUNCH OVER) Thursday: 11/3: $34.99 (BONUS GONE)

Are you ready to re-focus your Christmas and enjoy a season of peace, rest and Christ-centeredness?

Lord, you are holy and worthy of praise!  You have blessed us in so many ways and have given us the greatest gift of all – redemption through your son and our Savior, Jesus Christ!  We know you love to celebrate!  As we celebrate this Christmas season, we ask that our hearts will not forget to focus on you.  We ask that with every beat it will be reminded of the true peace you have given us and that we don’t have to be stressed and overrun to make the most of this season.  Help us to refocus our minds, our hearts and our families on Christ during this wonderful time of year.  Let us revel in your might works, your amazing love and your absolute marvelous ways.  It is in you we trust and we look forward to unpacking your truth throughout this season.  In the One who is the true peace giver – Amen!

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