“Wait for the LORD; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the LORD.”

Psalm 27:14

The Gift of Waiting

Waiting seems more of an inconvenience than a gift. With a little shift of perspective and opening our hearts to letting God really work in our lives, we can see waiting as the gift it truly is.

In waiting, we see the glory of God move to work things out. From the beginning of time, God has set a plan in place. You are a part of that plan. Although waiting may seem like years, in the overall scheme of eternity, it is nothing more than a blink of time. By choosing to patiently wait on God and his timing now, you will positively impact generations. You are made for just a time like this and when it is your time to wait, choose to glorify Him in the process.

In waiting, we learn about patience and trust. Our patience gets tried and tested and we begin to see where we truly place our trust. Is our trust in God? In a friend? In a system or in money? Is our trust in what we perceive as security? In waiting, our faith is grown and we become more like Jesus. Jesus patiently waited in heaven for God to say, “Today is the day you will make your entrance on earth. Today is the day you will sacrifice yourself for the world.” AndJesus is still patiently waiting for God to send Him back to gather us home!

In waiting, God uses those moments to chip away at what is holding us back from fully relying on Him. Maybe it’s our pride, our need for “control,” our misuse of time, or our focus on things other than Him.

Prayer Over Our Hearts

Lord, you are holy and beyond our comprehension. You waited for just the right time for your son to come to Earth and free us from our sins and give us an eternal relationship with you. When you call us to be still and wait on you, let us take courage in you. In the One who is our help and our shield – Amen!

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