“My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you.”


Job 42:5

The Gift of Trials

The heartache that accompanies trials is not something we look forward to, but there is a blessed gift that occurs in the midst of trials – a knowing that we’ve never experienced before. Take Job for example. He was the most righteous man on Earth at the time. Satan wanted to destroy Job’s relationship with God, and this is exactly what Satan tries to do with all who believe Christ is the son of God and follow him. Job endured physical and emotional devastation in hopes of bringing Job to spiritual ruin. Instead of losing his faith, Job held onto the Lord tightly. And there, in reflecting on all of his trials, Job saw the most amazing gift of all that comes through trials–the gift of a deeper relationship with the Lord!

Job said, “My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you.” Did you catch that? The most righteous man on earth at the time, who wholeheartedly believed in God and His holy nature, felt like he had only heard of God. Through his trial period, he truly saw God in action. It is not that he didn’t have a relationship with God before. It is simply that the depth of that relationship grew.

When you are in the midst of a trial it can be difficult to see past it. You must remind yourself to stay focused on the Lord and remember that He will bring you through it in His miraculous ways. His ways may not look like how you predetermined, but they will bring immeasurable blessings and solidify your faith all the more. You will be given the gift of seeing the Lord too! This is the ultimate gift of persevering through the trials of life.

Prayer Over Our Hearts

Dear Father, You are holy and mighty and love us beyond measure. You bring comfort and blessings when we are going through the most difficult of situations and gift us with a seeing you. Thank you for building our courage when Satan tries to attack it. In the One who is our defender – Amen!

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