Chip and Dale–the famous Saturday morning cartoon duo we all know and love.  What a pair, right?  Chances are you have childhood memories of Saturday morning cartoons. Perhaps you watched Chip and Dale, the furry little chipmunks made famous by Walt Disney. If you were like me, you ate a bowl of Lucky Charms while still in your PJ’s.

 Chip and Dale were quite the pair. They were always stirring up trouble or trying too hard to get a simple job accomplished.  Trying to outrun or outsmart Donald Duck or cramming their tree full of acorns was the norm for those little guys.  Chip was always the thinker, and Dale was always getting them both into trouble. But no matter their troubles, they always managed to show up together the next Saturday morning.  And that encouraged me.

They were two different characters but they worked well together.  They needed each other.  Chip and Dale were also famous for putting the other one first when they came to a hole or small space they needed to squeeze through.  They would stand there for minutes at a time just trying to allow the other one to pass first. Cheerfully, they would stand next to the opening, with a hand opened towards the hole.

“You go,” Chip would say.

“No, you go,” said Dale.

“I insist, you must go first.”

“No, after you!”

They would almost get to the point of getting caught by Donald Duck before they would make up their minds to see who would disappear down the hole first.


Imagine the Chip and Dale of Christianity–the way it should be!  We are all different because God created us that way, but we all need each other: to serve each other.  We may be like Chip with the brilliant ideas, or we might be a little more like Dale, who seems to get into trouble a little more often than we’d like. Or, perhaps you have a wavering faith–not because you don’t believe in God, but because life tends to win front row seats.  Either way, we all need to help build each other up and put each other’s needs first by bearing each other’s burdens in love.

Humbly serving others with our talents and gifts causes great things to happen in the Kingdom of God!  If we all had the attitudes of Chip and Dale, everyone would just want to serve each other, even if our “enemy” is right on our furry little tails!  When serving others wholeheartedly, we allow God to work through us to minister and reach out to others by putting them first.  In today’s world, that seems to be a rare concept.  If only life were more like Saturday morning cartoons with Chip and Dale!


In a way it can be, if we’ll begin to look at others as better than ourselves, serve without reservation, love unconditionally, and seek God in new ways so that we can become more like the verse in Isaiah that says “Here I am, send me!” (6:8). Then, watch that “life abundantly” thing that John 10:10 talks about become even more evident in your life.




Chip Dale Christianity

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