Torchlighters: The Robert J Thomas Giveaway {Christ In Christmas Shopping Guide}

Torchlighters: The Robert J Thomas Giveaway {Christ In Christmas Shopping Guide}

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Have you ever heard of Robert Jermain Thomas?  You may not be familiar with his story, but his willingness to enter a country that would immediately execute any foreigner who stepped on their soil and secretly gift Bibles to others, brought Christ to a country that was considered impenetrable.  This is an amazing story we all need to hear.  It will bring you courage to step out in faith in your own life.

The Robert Jermain Thomas Story

Robert Jermain Thomas’ Story

Robert J. Thomas left Great Britain with his wife Carrie and went to China as missionaries because they believed God was calling them to Asia. They were prepared to give up everything to follow his calling.

When his wife died in the mission field, Robert began to doubt their calling.  It wasn’t until Robert met two Christian Korean men, who had been secretly leaving the country and returning unnoticed, that he “realized his suffering was nothing compared to need” and remembered his wife saying that they would follow no matter the cost.

With a renewed desire to light up Asia for Jesus, Robert willingly entered “the hermit kingdom,” which had previously executed 10,000 Christians and destroyed any Bibles found.  Learning this fact encouraged him all the more to simply hand out Bibles.  With this simple act, he not only handed out Bibles but handed over his life–a life that God used to turn Korea into the second largest missionary-sending nation in the world!

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Torchlighters: Robert J. Thomas DVD Giveaway!

Torchlighters Heroes of the Faith DVDs Complete Set

1st 12 Episodes

The newest collection is 14 episodes.

Even if you don’t happen to be the winner of the giveaway, you can still bring this great series to your family.  The entire set of 14 DVDs is only $79.99.   Click here to find the details. My family purchased the complete set of DVDs last year for Christmas, and it has been a big hit!

All of the Torchlighters Heroes of the Faith DVDs have had a huge impact on my family and it will impact your family as well.  My kids are learning that the greatest thing we can do is to give our lives fully to Christ whatever the cost.  They get inspired by watching true-life heroes and are amazed at how God can use each “Torchlighter” in such a unique way.  This is why I am thrilled that my children enjoy watching this animated series and the documentary.  Enjoy them with your kids then dream and pray about how God will use your family in “Torchlighting” ways too!


Be sure to check out all the other giveaways that are part of the “Christ in Christmas Shopping Guide” and don’t forget you can enter daily to increase your chances to win!

This is not a sponsored post.  We are sharing this because it’s something we love and hope it encourages you too!

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