Do Your Rocks Fit Your Jar?

Do Your Rocks Fit Your Jar?

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Rocks in a Jar

Have you ever heard of the teacher who put rocks in a jar?

He asked the students if they thought the jar was full. They answered, understandably, that yes, it was full.

He proceeded to pour in handfuls of gravel. He asked again if the jar was full. This time, suspecting what he was hinting at, they responded no.

He then poured in sand and asked the same question: Is the jar full?

The students agreed that it was still not full.

Finally, he proceeded to pour water into the jar so that each space, truly, was filled.

What’s the point?

That we can always add something to our schedule, no matter how busy and hectic we are?

That we should always make time for every appointment that comes our way?

That even when we are exhausted, we must feel immense guilt unless we say “yes” to anything else?

No, not at all.

The point is–you can only fit the rocks in if you put them in first.

What are the rocks?

The central, biggest rock should be God, of course. But connected to Him, we also have some important areas of stewardship (God-given, I think, in many regards). Our families, our church families, ourselves, our work (whether that be at home, a paid position, or both), and our influence on those around us.matthew-6-33-34-pinterest-1

If we don’t intentionally make time for these “rocks” in our lives, often the “urgent” supersedes the “important.” Deadlines, phone calls, emails, and outside pressures can sometimes make us feel guilt and stress and worry–for things God has not actually called us to do. What has he called us to?

Matthew 6:33-34 says:

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Our first job, in all things, is to seek God first. If we don’t get that one priority right, we will find our life feels hectic, out of control and imbalanced–because putting God first is always the right balance.

May we each seek Him first in all we do, in every hour.

I found the inspiration and analogy for this blog post from Nancy Eichman’s book “Keeping Your Balance.” It’s an excellent read! You can find it here.



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Letter to a Teacher – {Hands & Feet Outreach Event}

Letter to a Teacher – {Hands & Feet Outreach Event}

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The power of words is something the world talks about. The power of PRAYER is even greater!

This month many are going back to school whether in a public, private, or home environment. All of these teachers have one thing in common: their need for prayer, whether they realize it or not.

A different “Hands & Feet Outreach Event” had originally been planned for this month but where the Holy Spirit guides, plans change!

This month, we would like to encourage everyone to write an encouraging note to a teacher.  

This could be your child’s teacher, a friend who is a teacher, or another homeschool mama.

Some ideas of what to put in the note:
  • A thank you for whatever you would like to thank them for….being willing to encourage young minds, being so inviting to your child, etc.
  • An inspiring quote
  • A handwritten prayer
  • An encouraging Bible verse

Feel free to use one of our encouraging photos or quotes from the Creating a Great Day Facebook page.

Let’s take action!

1. Who is the first person who came to mind when you read about this outreach challenge?

2. Say a quick prayer for them now.

3. Before you forget, write a note, send them an email, or even a text right now.

Reaching out and being Christ’s hands & feet doesn’t have to be a huge, overwhelming project.  Many times, it starts with just reaching out and letting others know He cares.

We would love for you to let us know you’ve participated.  Leave us a comment or share this post and include #creatingagreatday #Hands&FeetOutreach


Lord, we thank you for allowing us to be your hands & feet.  May we be aware today that even the smallest exchanges can have a big, eternal impact.  In the One who spoke and created the world – Amen!



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