Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith {Giveaway!} – Part 2

Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith {Giveaway!} – Part 2

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 You’ve already been introduced to Robert Jermain Thomas, Augustine, Gladys Aylward, William Booth, & Amy Carmichael.   Now, you get the chance to meet some more Heroes of the Faith who have faced all types of different situations over the centuries but have one thing in common, they serve an amazing Savior and won’t let the world talk them out of it!

The John Bunyan StoryThe John Bunyan Story

John Bunyan was initially known by his friends as one that would “keep the devil company in hell, ” but once he became a christian he still couldn’t shake the fear of eternal damnation.  It was a constant struggle for him until he found some who lived with an eternal joy in their hearts.  He took on this joy and grace by giving it all up to Christ and no longer carrying the burden of fear.  Once he understood this, he couldn’t keep the good news to himself, even though it was illegal for anyone outside of the “official church of England” to preach.  He shared his new found knowledge with other hungry souls and was imprisoned for 12 years.  While imprisoned he not only continued to preach but also wrote The Pilgrim’s Progress, which is the 2nd best selling book of all time behind the Bible.

Watch the John Bunyan trailer.

The Perpetua Story

This is my absolute favorite. Perpetua was the daughter of a very wealthy Roman citizen inThe Perpetua Story Carthage and a mother to a baby boy.  She and her fellow brothers & sisters in Christ met secretly to encourage each other as Christianity was illegal and punishable by death. Once caught in the act of worshiping, she and several others were jailed.  The peace, love, and absolute trust they held in Christ while rejoicing at the chance to suffer for their savior baffled the jail keeper, who worshiped the roman gods.  This jailer witnessed firsthand how they leaned into Christ and rejoiced in the answer to their prayers and then received the answers they had been given.  Before Perpetua braved physical death for a glorious eternal life, she wrote down everything for her son, so he would understand the sacrifice she made and the jailer finished the story of how God protected her and the others in the gladiators’ arena.

Be encouraged by the Perpetua Story trailer.

The Corrie ten Boom Story

This isThe Corrie ten Boom Story my oldest son’s favorite.  He calls it the soldier story and by the end you will know why.  This powerful story of Corrie ten Boom and her family brings to the forefront a love for all life, a willingness to save others no matter the cost, an understanding of what being grateful is no matter the circumstance and what true forgiveness looks like.  Corrie’s family hid Jews from the Natzis during War World II and were sent to concentration camps for their actions.  God promised Corrie and her sister they would be freed from Auschwitz and that Corrie would go on to serve all those who had survived as well.

Be inspired by the Corrie ten Boom trailer.


The William Tyndale Story

Would you believe that at one time it was against the law in England to have the ScripturTHe william Tyndale Storyes written or spoken in English? Immediate death came to anyone who broke this law.  Scripture interpretation was held strictly by the church authorities.  Tyndal believed all should have access to Scripture even the most common person.  He chose to do God’s work without the church’s permission and courageously started translating the Bible into English.  He became a fugitive and a lawbreaker in the eyes of England but an obedient follower in the eyes of God. His courage cost him his physical life but within a short time after his death, his last prayer came true.

Watch the William Tyndale Story Trailer.


The Richard Wurmbrand Story

IThe Richard Wurmbrand Storyn newly communist Romania, Christians are forced to choose between serving their God or their country.  Richard Wurmbrand stood courageously for his God and continually spoke out to everyone he met even while being imprisoned and tortured for 8 years.  The communist party tried to destroy his family by splitting them up and forcing them into hard labor or communistic thought but through it all their courage and trust in God only burned brighter.  Because of their courage and willingness to take a stand for modern day martyrs, they later moved to the United States and started an organization called Voice of the Martyrs, which to this day reaches out to those being persecuted for their faith.

Be encouraged by the Richard Wurmbrand Story trailer.


The John Wesley StoryThe John Wesley Story

John Wesley had such zeal for the Lord, but his zeal was legalistic and very strict.  He does everything he can to be the perfect christian but is at a loss because he doesn’t have peace.  Once he understands salvation by grace and what trusting Christ looks like, his life drastically changes.  Joy takes over and his zeal is enhanced by the power of grace coupled with spiritual discipline.  He shares the message openly for all to hear outside of the church doors and brings salvation to many as well as anger to others who don’t want this message to be spread.  Since this message is not welcome within the pulpits of the churches in England at the time, John and others later found the Methodist movement.

Watch the John Wesley Story trailer.

There are still more faith building videos in this series!  Be sure to look over Part 1 from yesterday and be excited for Part 3 tomorrow.


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