Sight & Sound Theatres’ Giveaway {Christ in Christmas Shopping Guide}

Sight & Sound Theatres’ Giveaway {Christ in Christmas Shopping Guide}

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Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post for Sight & Sound Theatres.  All opinions stated are 100% our own and we highly recommend Sight & Sound Theatres to all our friends and family.

Have you ever had a present you just couldn’t wait to open because you knew it was going to be amazing?  Then with every sighting of that present, you get a little more excited until you are about to explode with excitement upon opening it!  This is how I felt sitting with my family in the Sight & Sound Theatres in Branson, MO in the Spring of 2014 waiting for the show to begin.

We had heard amazing things about the productions that came to the Sight & Sound Theatres.  Everyone one said if there is just one show you see, make sure it’s at that theater.  So when we made our plans, we made sure to purchase tickets to see Jonah.

Sight & Sound Theatre

We arrived at this beautiful theater ahead of the curtain call to take “The Behind the Scenes” tour, which only increased our excitement levels even more.  We saw the animals that are an integral part of each production and learned a little of how they train them to be used in the production.  We were able to see the massive sets that were used in the production of Joseph.  We even got to try on some clothes from the wardrobe.  It was such a great learning experience to better understand how these wonderful productions come together.

Jonah Spring 2014

Our families’ first experience at the Sight & Sound Theatre in Branson.

Then we experienced the story of Jonah come alive not only on the stage but throughout the entire auditorium!  My kids ages 6, 4, & 2 sat through the entire performance in awe of everything happening around them. They still talk about this production and ask when we will get to go back. This is truly an experience everyone in your family will enjoy!

McKenzie experienced a show at Sight & Sound a few weeks ago.  Before she had never heard of Sight & Sound, so she didn’t know what to expect, but now having experienced it this is what she had to say:

My husband and I got to see the Jonah show at Sight & Sound Theatres recently and we were both in awe the entire time.  We weren’t familiar with any show in Branson, much less one with a spiritual plot line, but when Kristi recommended that we see it, we were excited to experience something new!

Once we got to Branson, and drove around, we understood that the Sight & Sound Theatre is not like all the other theaters there.  It’s HUGE.  This size enables them to make such a beautiful impact with their show.  The sets come and go off the stage with fluidity.  The REAL animals on stage, I mean come on!  It was so amazing.  The text to stage interpretation of the story was beautifully done and we left the show beyond impressed.

I have seen many stage productions in many cities, in many venues and this honestly was like nothing I had seen before.  As we ate dinner, we talked about our favorite parts.  We discussed even the familiar story in a new way, seeing it played out the way they did.  Sight & Sound Theaters has left a lasting impression!  I can’t wait for the opportunity to go again!

2016 brings new productions to the Branson & Lancaster County Sight & Sound Theatres!

From March – December 2016 – Moses will be captivating audiences in Branson, MO.

Their creative abilities are astounding. I get excited imagining how they will express the plagues,  the parting of the sea, and even Moses’ time away from Egypt!  Anticipation is growing again!


From March – December 2016 – Samson will be debuting in Lancaster County, PA.

This story has always been one of my favorites and so this has trickled down to our kids. Our kids are constantly asking to watch the Samson teaser and the Samson Announcement Event videos.  Needless to say, we are excited to see this production too!


So in a couple of words, the best way I can describe Sight & Sound Theatres’ productions, without you seeing it, is Epic!

Epic Bible Story + Epic Storytelling Production = Sight & Sound Theatres!

Now is your chance to win your choice of 3 different Sight & Sound Experiences
1. Experience ALL of Sight & Sound Theater’s Productions in your own Home with the Complete DVD Collection

Sight & Sound Theatres Complete DVD Set

2. Experience Moses in Branson, MO – Tickets for 4!

  Moses – Tickets for 4 at the Sight & Sound Theatres in Branson, MO  

3. Experience Samson in Lancaster County, PA – Tickets for 4!

  Tickets for 4 to see Samson at the Sight & Sound Theater in Lancaster, PA



Put some of this excitement under your Christmas tree this year!

Check out Sight & Sounds store and reserve your tickets today.

Be sure to check out all the other giveaways that are part of the “Christ in Christmas Shopping Guide” and don’t forget you can enter daily to increase your chances to win!

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