Bible Journaling Workshop Supply List!

Bible Journaling Workshop Supply List!

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Are you unable to attend the Bible Journaling Workshop event but want to participate with us anyway?  Perfect! We have just the way to do that and have the Bible Journaling Workshop supply list ready for you!

Meeting in Isle 15! McKenzie & I had such a fun time planning out what all fun things to use during the workshop.

Meeting in Isle 15! McKenzie & I had such a fun time planning out what all to use during the workshop.

If you are not attending the live event then you will need the following supplies:

1.  An Open Heart

The coolest thing about Bible Journaling is not so much the artistic aspect but the meditating on a verse and seeing it come alive in a whole new way.  Praying for understanding, insight, and wisdom while dwelling on His word plants it into our hearts so that it will blossom in our life and not only on the paper.

 2.  A Bible or a Journaling Bible.

Yes, you can use your everyday Bible, but many choose to purchase a Journaling Bible because it has wide margins,which allows more room to create.

Bible Journal

The Oklahoma City Lifeway Christian store has generously donated this Journaling Bible for us to giveaway at the workshop!

3.  The Periscope app

Periscope is an app Twitter has created to watch LIVE streaming videos.  So what you see is what we will be doing.  You can ask questions or just send us some love.

If you are on Twitter then start by following Creating a Great Day @Create_GreatDay 

Once you are on Twitter, all you have to do is download the free Periscope app your phone.  When you open the app, you will notice that all the people you follow on Twitter who have a Periscope app will automatically show up.  It will even notify you with a bird tweet any time someone you follow is live on Periscope.

We will  tweet out the web link to our Periscope broadcast, so you can watch it from your computer as well.  You can watch it up to 24 hours after it’s aired.

4.  Scrap paper, a journal, or photocopies of pages from your Journaling Bible

This will be used to practice on before you ever put anything into your Bible, so any piece of paper will do.  Recently, I saw someone made copies of their Bible Journal so that they could create a rough draft before putting the final product in their Bible and I thought that was a brilliant idea!

5.  A pen

Any pen will do.  We purchased the Bible Journaling pens from Illustrated Faith to use at the workshop.

This is really all you need but if you would like to add the extras that we will have at the workshop you can as well.  

6.  Watercolors & paintbrushes


7.  Craft paint

craft paint

8.  An old gift card

McKenzie will show you a really cool trick on how to apply paint to your Bible using one of these cards.

9.  Crayola Twistable Crayons

McKenzie prefers to use these instead of colored pencils because they have a soft touch on the Bible pages and won’t rip through them.


10.  Stamps & ink pads


11.  Tags

Tags can be used for many different things including tabbing your Bible Journaling pages.

12.  Washi tapeWashi Tape


Again, for Bible Journaling all you really need is an open heart and a pen.  Meditate on God’s word, let it soak into your soul, and express itself in your life as well as on paper.

May you be blessed by this workshop!  We look forward to having you participate.

Remember, it all happens on Saturday morning, October 24 from 9:30am – 12:00pm central time.

What are you most excited to learn from this workshop?

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