Barr None Music Giveaway  {Christ in Christmas Shopping Guide}

Barr None Music Giveaway {Christ in Christmas Shopping Guide}

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Have you or your children ever wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument, but didn’t think you had the time or the budget?

I always wanted to learn to play guitar and find someone to teach my kids but didn’t believe we had room for it in our schedule or our budget until I met Faith Barr.  Her Barr None Music company has a very unique music program called The 555 Club that drew me in quickly and made me realize this was possible.

1. Lessons for the entire family for one low price – $19.95/month!

Really, the entire family for $19.95/month with no long-term commitment?  Yes!  This is actually what first caught my attention.

The 555 Club was initially designed for homeschooling families, which typically have several children, like to learn together, and may have a tight income.  The 555 Club allows music lessons for everyone in the family who would like to participate.

2. Learn from home with live classes!

I was excited to find out that we could do live lessons with Faith from the comfort of our own home online.  She has group and private lessons available.  My daughter and I signed up for group lessons, during my youngest child’s nap time. It was a win-win.  He got an uninterrupted nap and we got uninterrupted lessons in our den!

And if you have questions outside of class time, students can contact Faith at any time with their questions via email.


3. Unlimited Recorded Lessons.

Faith has recorded lessons, so if you miss a class or just want to review or progress, you may do so at anytime.  Currently, there are also over 300 step-by-step instructional videos, and she adds about 50-60/month. All of these have unlimited accessibility each month.

Classes include:

  • Beginner’s classes
  • Accelerated classes for students who want to move along faster
  • 2nd level classes for more advanced students
  • Play Along/Performance videos for students to use for practice or performances
  • Tiny Tots for little violin students ages 3-7 who need a little extra help in the beginning
4.  Learn more than one instrument at a time!
Faith Barr is a fantastic instructor. Initially, I questioned how online classes would go but once we began, I was impressed with how interactive the classes were and how involved Faith was in making sure each student was learning correctly.

Faith Barr is a fantastic instructor. Initially, I questioned how online classes would go but once we began, I was impressed with how interactive the classes were and how involved Faith was in making sure each student was learning correctly.

Not only can the entire family take lessons but they can take lessons on as many musical instruments as they want.  Currently, The 555 Club offers lessons for the following instruments:

  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Mandolin
  • Violin/Fiddle
  • Ukulele

They plan to add the following instrumental lessons soon:

  • Electric Bass
  • Dulcimer
  • Flute
  • Harmonica
  • Recorder
  • Banjo
  • Cello
  • and more!
5.  Easy to learn even on your own.

Barr None Music has written the Learn to Play series books, which are used in the The 555 Club lessons, in such a way that anyone who doesn’t know how to play can learn, even if it’s just by themselves. We learned this first-hand when we had to cut back our live lessons due to a loss of income.  I have been able to teach my kiddos how to play the ukulele and we all have so much fun doing it!

You can purchase each book individually, or you can get a discounted price by purchasing the entire Starter Pak #1, which includes the first six books with about 250 pages of music for $49.95.

6.  It’s fun!

The live classes with The 555 Club are so much fun and are so helpful in learning how to play, that we can’t wait to return to the live classes.  Our whole family has fun and enjoys these classes together because they are taught so well and the lessons build confidence for future learning.Win 1 Month of FREELessons

Enter the Barr None Music Giveaway to win  a FREE month of lessons for your family!

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And thanks to Barr None’s generosity, ALL of our readers will receive one FREE lesson on the instrument of their choice (guitar, piano, violin/fiddle, mandolin, or ukulele) just to “check it out.”

  • If you enter the giveaway, you will receive an email after it’s over, detailing how to obtain your free lesson.
  • If you choose not to enter the giveaway, you may email Faith directly to receive your lesson at

So which instrument are you most interested in learning how to play?

Be sure to check out all the other giveaways that are part of the “Christ in Christmas Shopping Guide” and don’t forget you can enter daily to increase your chances to win!

This is not a sponsored post.  We are sharing this because it’s something we love and hope it encourages you too! Barr None Music is supplying the giveaway.

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