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Fighting the Postpartum Fog

Dream or Reality? I’m dreaming.  It’s a dream where I’m responsible for children, and keeping a house clean and tending to the needs of others all day.  But wait, that’s not all, it’s not just children, there’s a baby too.  Yes, a tiny baby who needs me constantly.  He needs me for food, for comfort, […]

Calling in the Village

Hey there mamacita. Lindsay here, waving my pink flag from down low in the mommy trenches. Welcome! Gosh, was this anything like what you thought it would be? New motherhood? I know I hadn’t exactly thought that far ahead while pregnant with my daughter! I thought about the words I would speak over her, the […]

Comparison, You Sneaky Thief

  When you’re pregnant, you get so much advice from everybody. Advice on breastfeeding versus formula, which sling is best for baby-wearing, whether or not to use a pacifier, crying it out versus not crying it out…It’s endless, and honestly, even if you respect the person and desire to take in some of their wisdom, you’re […]

5 Best Things About Having Multiples

This is a post for fellow Moms of Multiples, a.k.a “MoM”s, and especially the mothers expecting multiples. It’s kind of like when people say that mom upside down is “wow.” So a mom of multiples must be  “WoW!” My husband didn’t get my joke. I hope you all do and if not, well, I was […]

Mommy Cliques

Being a mother of two young children, I am realizing there are so many approaches and styles to parenting. I have an undergraduate degree in Child Development and work in the pediatric field. I, of course felt I had a good grasp on all the ins and outs of raising a child based on the […]