Singing with the Generations

Singing with the Generations

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It is interesting how traditions get started and then with time grow richer in their meaning.

Some of my earliest memories are of my mother singing to me a song she wrote.  It’s all in Spanish and the melody itself is filled with gentle waves that always carried me into a lovingly, restful sleep. To this day, it is still one of my most precious childhood memories and every so often I ask my mother to sing it again.

When we found out I was pregnant with our first child, I immediately started writing a song that I could sing to her.  Over these past 9 years, it is a song I have sung to all of our children whenever we put them to bed.

A New Bedtime Singing Tradition

But like I mentioned before, traditions can become richer over time. About 4 or 5 years ago, a conversation between our oldest daughter and my husband sparked a new tradition. A tradition that has brought loved ones that passed away long ago, back into our every day lives.

Their conversation was about my husband’s mother and grandmother who passed away before she was born.  Somehow, they started talking about his mother and grandmother’s favorite hymns.  It was then that the new bedtime singing tradition was born.

Now, every night after we’ve tucked our kids into bed and said prayers, we then ask a question we already know the answer to:

What songs would you like us to sing?

Three songs ALWAYS show up in the list:

All of these songs are ones we hope will be passed on for generations to enjoy singing as well. Of course, we hope others will be added to the list as well.  This has been one wonderful way our family has been able to connect family members across generations and keep the memory of loved ones alive.  In singing their favorite songs, it’s almost like we are singing with the generations before us.

What are some of your parents, grandparents or great grandparents’ favorite songs? 

What ways do you keep the memory of loved ones alive?

Singing with the Generations p

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