Service Scavenger Hunt – {Hands & Feet Outreach}

Service Scavenger Hunt – {Hands & Feet Outreach}

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Need an idea of what to do this weekend or a way to have fun serving with others? Gather up a group of friends and have fun serving others.

It feels so good to serve others because Jesus loves them, but sometimes, it’s a struggle to come up with ideas of how to help.  A few years ago, I ran across a brilliant idea – a Service Scavenger Hunt!

Instead of collecting objects on the scavenger hunt, you perform a service for someone else.  If you do a quick search in Pinterest, you’ll find many different fun things to do.


There are so many different ways you can do this and this is great for:
  • Families – Pick a family or multiple families.
  • Date Night Fun – Pick other couples and serve several neighborhoods.
  • Youth Groups – this is a great way to combine elementary, middle school & high school groups.
  • Fellowship/Small Groups – Adults of all ages can have fun serving.  Ask your group or a bunch of groups.
  • Or go by yourself or with one other person and call it a secret serving mission!
  1. Determine how many “Scavenger Service Projects” need to be completed to win.  Ex: 5 out of 10
  2. Split up into groups as close to even as possible.
  3. Each group gets to choose which projects they will complete.
  4. Make sure each group has a phone that takes pictures and can connect to others.
  5. Create a way to communicate with the other groups.  This could be via messenger, text, email, Instagram, whatever.  There are so many options, but make sure you all use the same form of communication so that you can do the next step.
  6. Before heading out, pray for your service to glorify God and that He will put people in your path who are needing some extra love from Him today.
  7. Upon completing a task, take a picture and send it out to the entire group, as proof that you have completed your task.  Use hashtags
    1. #ServiceScavengerHunt
    2. #CaGD (for Creating a Great Day so we can cheer you on too)
    3. Create a fun # for your group.
  8. Be sure to let whomever you are serving know why you are doing it.  Yes, it’s fun, but it’s more about taking the time to love them because Jesus loves them!  And don’t forget to thank them for letting you serve them.  If the person you choose to serve isn’t home, leave a note for them.
  9. Once you’ve completed all your projects, send the final picture and meet up at a predetermined location to celebrate together once all the teams have finished and return.  Maybe have a cookout and ice cream with some praise and worship thrown into the mix.  Feel free to even invite the people you have served to join you in your celebration.
Here are Creating a Great Day’s Service Scavenger Hunt Ideas:
  1. Go to a local laundromat.  Pay for someone’s wash and dry or help fold clothes.
  2. Find a policeman or fireman and ask if you can pray over them for their protection and thank them for their service.
  3. Find the following items in your house and take them to a local homeless shelter.
    1. Sneakers
    2. Gym Shoes for men, women & children
    3. Sweatpants of all sizes
    4. Briefs/underwear for men, women & children
    5. Men’s trousers (small, medium, large) and shoes
    6. Baby powder milk
    7. Any non perishables like nut butters or other long-lasting foods
    8. Diapers
    9. Feminine products
    10. Sleeping bags
    11. Mats (camping or yoga mats)
    12. Hats & caps – light colored
  4. Walk a residential street and ask the available houses, if they have anything on the list above that they would like to donate.
  5. Mow someone’s yard.
  6. Take flowers to a shut-in or widow.
  7. Go to a retirement home and sing two songs or provide some sort of entertainment to those in the waiting area.
  8. Drop off a bag of diapers at a new parent’s home.
  9. Hold a sign up on a street corner that says, “Will pray for you, if you ask! God Bless” and stand there for at least 10 minutes.
  10. Go to a gas station and clean at least 3 car windshields.
  11. Go to a local store like Wal-Mart, Target, Sams, Costco, etc and offer to take their cart back to the front for them.  (Offer to at least 10 people.)
  12. Have everybody in the group write a note to a friend they haven’t seen or talked to in a while and mail the letters.
  13. Pick weeds out of a flower bed or front yard.
  14. Rake leaves.
  15. Add your own ideas!

Creating a Great Day Service Scavenger Hunt – print out of rules & service ideas

Who will you call together to go on the
Fall Service Scavenger Hunt?
We would love it if you would share your pictures with us or tag #CaGD so we cheer you on too!

What other service ideas would you add to the list?

Lord, we thank you for walking this Earth and teaching us how to serve in love.  We pray that as we go out and serve that your love will be evident and you will be glorified in every interaction.  In Jesus’ powerful name – Amen!


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