A Priceless Gift for Father’s Day

A Priceless Gift for Father’s Day

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“Father’s Day is coming!” my daughter excitedly squealed.

It was actually twenty-two days away when our oldest daughter decided to start planning and creating the precious gift she would give to her beloved daddy. For two hours, she sat at the kitchen island, writing funny poems about her daddy.  Each poem was on a separate note card with an illustration of the poem.

She was so excited about her gift that she hid it so he wouldn’t find it.  But the anticipation of giving her gift was so great that the first moment she saw him, she ran to find her gift and gave it to him right then and there.


Now what?!

With less than twenty days until Father’s Day, she came up with another gift idea.  She decided to make him a picture frame out of Popsicle sticks.  The picture frame idea evolved into a 6-inch container that she would decorate to hold his supplies.

Giving gifts is definitely one of her love languages.  Her eyes, smile, and heart radiated with love as she watched the gift being unwrapped, knowing that she put love into it.

Jumping Back to Mother’s Day

Our daughter had the same enthusiasm about creating a Mother’s Day gift for me. This ignited a passion in her younger siblings’ hearts as well. She and her brother worked hard on their gifts. Both spent lots of time…I mean days collecting and creating just the perfect gift.

But before the gifts could be given to me, my oldest son’s gift broke. So did his heart. He had worked so long on collecting and placing items just right in a glass jar. When he went to gather his gift and realized it was destroyed, he started crying .

Of course, as parents all we want is their love and appreciation. I happened to overhear the commotion when he discovered the broken gift. Quickly but quietly, I let my husband know to tell our son the best present  he could ever give me is the biggest and best hug he could give.

Once my son calmed down and my husband relied this vital information, our son came running to me and I received the best and biggest hug he has ever given me.  I loved on him and thanked him for that amazing present. His smile reached from ear to ear!

Giving the Simple and Priceless Gifts Top Priority

We live in an over-materialistic world.  As time has passed, physical gifts mean a little less to me every year.  It’s wonderful when someone takes the time to truly put their heart and energy into making or purchasing a gift that the other really needs or wants.  Or in the case of children, just shows how much they care.

But the idea of buying something just to have something to give because it’s a certain day doesn’t really mean that much to me.  I’d rather spend time with my family, making memories or cherishing the priceless personalized gifts which can’t be bought in stores.

Giving a Priceless Gift

These two instances, along with thinking about a sweet friend and her three kids whose husband and father is overseas, got me thinking about a priceless gift that would be treasured by fathers forever.

Instantly, this popped to mind: the precious voices of our children lifting us up to God!  

Doesn’t your heart just melt when you hear your children praying for you?  This simple, selfless act can hang on in our hearts and minds for weeks, months, and years.


So how about recording a video of your children praying over their precious fathers?  

Or if you do not have the ability to record a video, write out their prayers.

These beautiful recordings or letters can be easily accessed whenever their father is having a hard day.  He can hear the prayer from their own heart once again and feel the love and power surround him!

It may not be a new grill or golf club, but this priceless gift will inspire fathers’ hearts for years and possibly decades to come!



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