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Who’s in God’s House?

Who’s in God’s house? The Church!  But who or what is the church? And how do you get in? These are all questions that are answered in this month’s Family Time Training Activity called God’s House.  (Download it for free during the month of June or sign up for unlimited access to all their materials.) You have […]

Let the Living Water Flow!

When we read the story of the woman at the well, there are so many different beautiful points we can pull from this story.  But we are going to focus on one that we often hit and then jump off of really quickly. Why?  I’m not sure why we jump off of it so quickly. […]

Letting Gentleness Take Root

Teaching children how to be gentle in words, actions and thoughts is imperative so that they can reach out to others in love. What do you think of when you hear the word “gentleness?” Our children answered this in all different ways: Soft Kind Like a warm blanket. Like snow.  (I’m assuming powdery snow and […]