The Church Needs Therapy

The Church Needs Therapy

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The Church needs therapy. Sounds kind of harsh, right?  That is not what this article is about.  It’s about encouragement, meeting needs, and getting proactive.

What do you think when you hear someone is going to therapy? Marriage issues? Trauma?  There are multiple things I can think of, but a lot of times therapy is perceived as negative and I believe there is a glaring reason.  Because that’s how our world sees it and they are not all wrong.  That is why I feel as a part of the Church that we need to have constant communication and “therapy” sessions to help guide and mold it for generations to come!

How do we do this? Here are a few ways that we can look at on how to help the Church to always be healthy and always working as a whole.

 1. Encouragement

Who doesn’t need encouragement?  But specifically, I want to focus on various ways to encourage and to also build church members to be constant encouragers.  When we offer words of encouragement to the Church or non-church members it should always be genuine and you should always mean what you say.

How many times a day do you ask how someone is doing? Tons, right? Do you mean it and are you ready for when someone says “no” or “I am ok”?  We always should be at the ready to meet those needs and be the light Jesus needs us to be.  When you are happy, loving, and encouraging you never know who you will touch and just how much they may need it at that time.  Substitute the negative for the positive!

2.  Meeting Needs

Meeting needs can be done in various ways.  Purchasing something for someone in front of you at the checkout line when they don’t have enough money.  Babysitting free of charge so a young family can strengthen their marriage with a date night. Offering a kind word, smile and a friendly “hi”!  Just being there is the most important thing we can do. Going through good and bad times it is always good to have someone there for you, no matter what.

3.  Get Proactive

Get together and think of different ways to strengthen, build,, and unite the Church. Taking time out of our busy schedules to write cards, attend ladies’ bible classes, or the men’s prayer breakfast.  Look inside yourself and see that God has given each of you talents that can help your community, friends, and the church family grow together.  Anything to help motivate and encourage church and non-church members to be together as one and working on the common goal of helping all of God’s children get to heaven.

Church Therapy.the church needs therapy

I love this idea because I take it to mean that Christians will help one another in anything they need and that they long to fellowship with one another and have a common goal to help anyone they can.  Think of it as a marriage: if you do not have constant communication, time, and showing love then you will end up in therapy.

Let’s look at it a different way though.  If we can have frequent “therapy” sessions as the Body, these sessions will be a positive way to navigate and help one another grow.  Of course, we do not call them therapy sessions but “fellowship” with one another.  Have meetings, luncheons, devotionals–whenever you can get together you should because we all have the same purpose for this life.  To get to heaven and help as many others as we can get there too.

How can we help the Church grow together?

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