Saving for Vacation: Quick Tips for Saving Money

Saving for Vacation: Quick Tips for Saving Money

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I like vacations.

There, I said it…and It doesn’t really matter where we go, because wherever we end up, there is usually good food, new experiences, and is devoid of any chores. But before we go on our trips, we like to save some extra cash so that we can be smart with our money and not max out our credit card for a getaway.

Here are the steps we took to save some moolah, without having to eat boxed macaroni and cheese every night:

Follow a budget.

It doesn’t have to be super strict, but you have to follow it in order to reap the benefits.  For a free, online budgeting tool, check out or

Use coupons/ savings apps.

I know, I know. Who has time to cut coupons, look up ads, etc.? But once you get in the flow, it can get really fun. Here are some things that we use to save more! I put them in order of awesomeness:


I cannot say enough good things about this app. You can earn gift cards to different stores, which can help you save big later. Learn about it in the link. You can also go to this link to download the app!


If you buy your groceries at Target, this app is great for saving on things that you might already buy, and you can stack it with the Target Red Card! PS: There is a debit card version of this for people who do not want a (or another) credit card.

Local Ads/ Sunday coupons:

Decide what you want to cook/buy that week based on what sales are happening!  For more couponing and meal planning ideas, check out Tina’s posts here and here!

Ask for cash back at the store.

Once you check out and use all of your resources for saving money (coupons, apps, etc.) decide how much you are able to ask for. For example, if your budget for groceries is $60 per week and you only spent $40 that week, then you can push the cash back button at the register and take $20 home with you. You still spend the $60, you still get your groceries, AND you get to save up your money!

Put it away right when you get home. If you leave it in your wallet, then it is likely to stay there until you hit the coffee line the next week. Find a place where you can put your money and know not to touch it. My husband and I have one of those glass jugs, like Ellie and Carl have in the movie Up. Some people have a hidden envelope, other have actual piggy banks. It’s your preference!

Saving for Vacation…Or Something Else

Even though we use this primarily for vacations, you can really use it for anything–Christmas gifts, diapers, new tires, or giving extra at your home congregation. It’s up to you! This is something that we decided would be our alternative to using our credit card too much, or overbuying at the store. It keeps me from wanting to impulse buy and helps us look forward to what we can do with our savings.

What is your favorite way to save some extra cash? Comment below!




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