Our romantic hearts swoon over stories about about a man who wouldn’t give up, wouldn’t take no for an answer, and would move heaven and earth just to be with the one he loves.

Then, our hearts race over learning that the love story wasn’t just about the initial chase but how the love was sustained and grew over the years so much so that the couple is even more in love 75 years later than they were on the first day they met.

We were made to be loved and the author and creator of life literally moved heaven and earth and left his palace to pursue you!  He has wanted your heart from the first time He saw you and will love you in a way that you have never known.

We want to hear about your love story with Jesus!

How did He, the Kings of kings, sweep you off your feet?

Where did you first meet?

How did He attract your attention?

Were you initially attracted to him or did you turn away?

What event brought you together?

How did He pursue you?

When did you finally decide to give him a chance?  How has He changed your life?

How has He been faithful to you?

The Bible often relates our relationship to Jesus as a marriage and truly the courtship stories are just as amazing or more so that the stories of our friends being swept off their feet by their husbands.  Sometimes, we walk in a relationship with Jesus for a while before He truly wins our hearts.  This happens many times with those of us who grew up in the church.  We may decide to follow Him and love Him, but it’s years into that relationship that we completely fall in love with Him.  No matter when it happened, we would love to hear your story of how Jesus swept you off your feet!

We would love to give you the opportunity to share with us how Jesus swept you off your feet!  He left heaven and conquered the constraints of Earth to win your heart.  How did He do it in your life?  Tell us your story.  We would love to share how you came to know Jesus and encourage others who may feel Him knocking at the door of their hearts too.  Let your story encourage others, even those who haven’t met him yet.

Email your “How Jesus Swept Me Off My Feet Story” to info@creatingagreatday.com and your story will be featured in the next several weeks!

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