Crowding Out

In Health Coaching School, I learned an interesting concept called crowding out. In terms of nutrition, it means to stop focusing on the laundry list of foods that you can’t or shouldn’t eat. Instead, one should focus on the single goal of just adding more good things in. It’s not necessarily beginning by removing the bad things, but simply trying to fit in all the healthy foods you need every day.

Here is where it gets interesting. After a few months of applying this technique there seems to be a unanimous “Aha!” moment when people say:

You know what? I was so busy trying to get all the good stuff in. I just didn’t have the time, or frankly, the room in my tummy for the bad stuff.

There you have it!  This secret applies not only to weight management but almost every aspect of our lives.

A Biblical Concept as well as a Practical One

This concept is a very biblical one. Its principles are not so new where the word of God is concerned. In Luke 11 Jesus is driving out many demons and having some rather harsh discussions. (This parable often confused me until I learned the principles of crowding out.) In verse twenty-four, an impure spirit is cast out of a person. The spirit goes on a journey seeking a new residence, but it cannot find a place to rest. The spirit then decides it will return to its former home. When it arrives, it finds the place swept clean and put in order. The spirit then finds seven other demons more evil than itself to move in also. And the person is in much worse shape than before.

Just before telling this particular parable, Jesus says:

Anyone who isn’t with me opposes me, and anyone who isn’t working with me is actually working against me.

Jesus is talking in verbs here–action words–and this passage of scripture is a call to action!

Jesus calls us to a positive response, and this requires movement on our part. It is not enough for us to rid ourselves of the dust, clutter, and garbage. We must replace and fill in those gaping holes with the good. This principle applies whether it be food, vices, negative selftalk, anger, etc.

Christ is calling us to the principle of crowding out.



Don't (1)Don’t sweep the house clean and leave it vacant. Too much empty space leaves us wide open for an attack from the enemy. Fill the house with every good and perfect thing you can get your hands on, whether that’s Christian music in your car, a scripture on your bathroom mirror, your daily devotional time, walks outside in prayer, etc.  Don’t get so bogged down in trying to change the so-called “bad” behavior/habits, which revolves around negativity.  Once we have let go of that particular struggle or sin we are left with an emotional sinkhole.

Let’s fill our minds, bodies, hearts, marriages, relationships, and work spaces with such overflowing good that after a while we all have a unanimous “Aha!” moment and say:

You know, I focused so much on filling up on God’s word, God’s love, and sharing that with the other people in my life. Before I knew what happened, I no longer had space for all the negative, destructive thoughts or behaviors. The good stuff filled me to the brim. Not only is my house swept clean, but it is bursting with life and vitality only the Lord can provide. 

What area(s) of life is Christ calling you to crowd out, sweep clean, and fill up with God?


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