This post was written in the midst of my husband being unemployed for a year and a half, so that we could help take care of his grandparents. I stumbled upon it in my drafts folder and as I read over it, I am once again in awe of how God works. During the most difficult struggle of my life so far, I was able to use our struggle to bring God glory. Our struggle saw joy every time we shared how He was working and moving in our lives and I am praising the Lord for it! Here is just one brief glance of what this looked like.


Previously, I mentioned how I felt the Holy Spirit was calling me to something I did not want to do.

Ok, so maybe I’ve mentioned that a lot! 

Thankfully, I obeyed, even though I initially fought it, because within the past two weeks I have already seen the blessings and part of the reason why I was supposed to obey.

I started working part-time as a cashier at an establishment not too far from my home.  Initially, I was resistant for two main reasons:

  1. I didn’t want to leave my kids.  They’ve been through a lot lately and have been clingy.
  2. I didn’t feel I had the time. I was already working one part time job and homeschooling and didn’t feel like I could do more.

But God just kept pressing it upon my heart. And you know what He has done? He has taken away the excuses.

  1. The kids beg to go to their Mima’s where they can swim and play freely.  They beg!  Yes, they miss me, but they are well taken care of by someone who loves them very much too.
  2. God provided help for me so that what needed to be accomplished could be accomplished and nothing would be left behind.

What has amazed me during these past two weeks is how God is working even from day one.  I knew from prayer that I was supposed to reach out to someone, although I didn’t and don’t know exactly who. So what else can I do but reach out to everyone around me?  I’m working as if I’m working for the Lord and in that I am sharing how amazing He is in my life with others.  Yes, even at my part-time job!




The opportunities that have been presented are amazing!

1. On the first day, I was just making small talk with a fellow co-worker.

We were talking about our kids and she mentioned that one of her kids had gone off the deep end.  I asked for that child’s name, wrote it down, and told her I would pray for him.  In that moment, the biggest smile I had seen all day flashed across her face. She became excited to know that I was willing to pray for her son and that I was a Christian.  We don’t work in the same department, but we do see each other from time to time. When our paths cross, there is instant camaraderie between sisters in Christ and we can encourage each other with just a wave.

2. I was checking a lady out and talking with her.

She was wearing a purple shirt with the word “relax” on it.  As we ended our conversation,

I said, “I hope you get the chance to relax today.”

She replied, “I’m sure I will. I was laid off on Friday.”

I couldn’t help but take the next 45 seconds to share with her how God has taken care of our family while my husband has been without work.

She said, “Yes, you’re right.  He was not at all surprised by this.”

“No, he wasn’t. And he won’t be surprised when you get the call for your next job, because he already knows where it will be and when that call will come.  Until then, he will faithfully take care of you.”

With teary eyes, we both praised God and said good-bye.

3. While checking another family out, we chatted about where we used to grocery shop.

Turns out we both shopped in a city thirty minutes away.  We laughed at the fact that we had a similar pattern.  She would attend the local university and then grocery shop after class.  I told her that we attended a congregation down the road and would grocery shop after Bible class on Wednesday nights. She then asked what time we had Bible class and if it was open to others.  Within the next minute, she and her family were invited to come have dinner with us and enjoy Bible study with us on Wednesday evenings.  They were so excited and I truly hope we get to see them again.

4.  During my break, I walked into the break room where a fellow coworker was taking her break.

I thought she was talking on her phone but it turned out she was reading aloud.  As my ears acclimated to what I was hearing, I exclaimed, “I just read that same passage this morning.  What is it–Romans 11?”

“No, it’s Romans 12,” she replied.  For the next ten minutes we talked about how amazing God is and how he leads us to places we never would have dreamed.  It’s truly wonderful to be able to be encouraged by another believer in the middle of a work day.

I never would have dreamed I would be working here, but where God plants us, we can thrive.

I’m sure Joseph never saw himself landing in prison, but he leaned into God and he thrived.

The moment we start to realize thriving isn’t a physical attribute but a spiritual one, our attitudes can drastically change. We will live in gratitude to be serving our Savior in whatever way is put before us, whether it’s a carpenter, a tent maker, a lawyer, a mother, a friend, a blogger, or in this instance, a cashier.

Don’t let anyone look down on you because of your position, but look up at the One who put you there and praise Him for the opportunity to serve Him wholeheartedly.

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