On Sunday one of our elders prayed for our high school seniors by name. It wasn’t a special senior prayer, he just wanted to lift them up in his shepherd’s prayer. After his prayer he read a scripture, and as I opened my Bible I realized that I’d had my Bible for ten years. The church presented this Bible to me when I graduated high school; now it is worn, but so very treasured.

With Me as My Faith Became My Own

This Bible saw me through four years of biblical studies in college. I’d carried this Bible through my time as a camp counselor and through summer internships. I used this Bible for my very first Beth Moore Bible study, David: Seeking a Heart Like His. While going through our premarital seminar, I read this Bible, and I turned to it when I needed encouragement during the difficult transition of adolescence to adulthood.

I hunted through this Bible as my faith matured, as I sought truth behind all the ways I lived out and practiced my faith.

It was this Bible where I cried over Mary’s song just days after my daughter’s birth. I used this Bible to seek growth and guidance in so many areas of my life.


This Bible is not much to look at.

It almost needs duct tape to hold it together. The gold leaf has worn off of my maiden name etched on the cover. The pages are crumpled and worn. This is my Bible, though. The elders of the church where I grew up have signed its pages. One of the back pages holds a special note my mentor wrote to me. Verses, sermon points, notes, and hymns that touched my heart are scribbled on the empty pages. Some notes are simple and obvious but yet were so powerful to me when I wrote them. Even my toddler has added her marks. Just looking at this Bible from across the room gives me strength.

My senior Bible was given to me as a tool, a compass to direct me in a time when there are so many directions to choose from.

What a blessing it has been!

Father God,
How marvelous is your Word! Thank you for the direction and comfort you offer us through it. Father, I lift up the graduating high school seniors in your church. May they seek you and your ways as they transition into a new phase of life. Put people in their lives who will point them to you. Equip your church to offer them the support they need to live a life that honors you.

In the name of Jesus,



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