I am a bargain hunter.

I love finding great deals and “saving” lots of money.  The more the items are discounted, and the bigger the sale, the happier I am.  I call it “retail therapy.”

Recently, I went shopping with a friend and we found a sale that was not 50% off, not 75% off, but discounted 90% off.  Can you believe a sale like that?  I was shocked!  This was not random, ugly, leftover clothing.  This was high end clothing and shoes.  I left the store with over $1,200 worth of clothes and shoes for about $120.00.  I bought four pairs of boots, a vest, a sweater, a dress, a nightgown, two women’s shirts, a pair of men’s pants, and a men’s shirt.  Everybody got something except my husband.  (Well, he got the credit card bill.)  It took hours to go through everything, find my sizes, and make my selections.

1 Cor. 6:20

Salvation is not Discounted

On the way home, my friend and I talked about how we had never seen anything like that sale. We went on to talk about how it is wonderful that God did not discount our salvation.  There was no clearance sale for our salvation.  He did not sacrifice grain, a dove, a goat, or a bull.  God gave His all and paid full price. He sacrificed the Lamb, His perfect son who was without sin.  He gave His One and Only Son for our sins so that we may have eternal life (John 3:16).  God loves us that much!  All we have to do is accept His gift.

We are so lucky that God is not a “bargain hunter.” Our salvation is not discounted! He loves us more than I love a sale!

Do you know God’s love?

Have you accepted His gift of eternal life?

If you want His gift, contact us and we can help you take the next step.

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