Faith Lessons and Driving Lessons

Want a lesson in trust, faith, and not worrying? Then put your teen in the driver’s seat and move over to the passenger seat for the first time! We began our journey for Chloe to become a licensed driver almost a year ago. Texas has some of the strictest driving requirements, but I’m happy to report that Chloe passed her driving test and is now a licensed driver!  It only took $350, 12 hours in the car with an instructor, 30 recorded driving hours with Mom, 20 classroom hours, and five trips to DPS (because the documentation needed in Texas is worse than getting a passport)!

Thanks to Timberdoodle, I was given the opportunity to review “ROADWORTHY: A Parent’s Guide to Teaching Teens to Drive.” This is a DVD course designed to teach parents and teens together about defensive driving. 


Faith is letting a teenager behind the wheel!

Great Tool for Both Parents and Teens

First of all, ROADWORTHY is NOT a complete driver’s ed course.  Your teen will have additional requirements in order to get their license, depending on what state you live in.  However, this video series makes a great supplement for both parents and kids to watch together!  I absolutely LOVE the idea of a course for teaching parents HOW to teach their kids how to drive. Timberdoodle has brought an amazing course for parents! 


When it came to teaching my daughter how to drive, I honestly didn’t know where to start other than an empty parking lot. After I watched the videos, I felt like I was armed with new information to help my daughter learn to drive. The instructor break downs the techniques into simple steps as well as explains why he suggest these techniques. One of the best things about this video course is each lesson is short! Most of the video lessons are under ten minutes long, but full of information in that time. Best of all it’s very affordable!

NOT Your Typical Driver’s Ed Course

I will be honest–I thought this was going to be like drivers’ ed all over again, but it was not! The instructor gives REAL LIFE scenarios and tips on how to help your child learn to be an independent driver without being a helicopter parent. After watching these tutorial videos, I felt much more confident in my ability to teach and ease my child into driving on her own. I would recommend them to ANYONE who will be driving with a teen who has a permit! I will definitely use this series when my almost fourteen year old begins learning to drive!


Timberdoodle has tons of great, fun learning tools for kids of all ages.  Check them out not only for your driving needs but many other things including this 10th Grade Curriculum Kit.


Continued to be encouraged…

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