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I have a had a difficult couple of months. I wake up many days already fighting off tears. Sometimes all I need is a little perspective. I may have difficulties, but I really don’t have it hard.

Remember the Persecuted Church in Prayer

There are many people around the world who do. I just need to remember them.

Each year a group of us meet to pray together for the persecuted church. This is always an emotional and uniting time. We meet together for hours to pray country by country for those who suffer from religious persecution.

Face-to-Face with Religious Persecution

In a way it hit closer to home as we all have had recent experiences with the thousands of refugees who have come to Austria. We have come face to face with displaced families, walked past babies lying on the cold floor of the train stations with their families.

Remember the blessing of being able to Worship God

Many of these people are fleeing for their lives to be able to do something I often take for granted. To openly worship, pray, read my Bible, and talk about who I am. I can believe what I want without fear of death. I can talk about God on the streets with my kids. I am blessed.

Remember Them As If You Were One of Them

Next time you read your Bible, gather for worship, or pray,  remember those who are hunted down for wanting to do the same. Take some time to think on them and ask the Lord to give them strength.  One day in November each year  has become the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. But we don’t have to wait for that date to pray. Why couldn’t we all take some time to join the Christians who suffer for the name of Christ?

Learn More about the Persecuted Church

If you feel called to do so, take the time to learn more. You can learn more here and here. These are good places to get you started. I challenge you to gather some friends and bring these people before his throne! It will bless you and it could save lives.

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