Feeling Anxious? There’s Good News!

Peace is something I need more of on a daily basis. Does anyone else feel overwhelmed, anxious, or burdened on a regular basis? I know that I tend towards those things. I have to work hard to keep my focus on Christ and to search for His peace in my life. There’s good news:


A Promise of Peace

Jesus said these words as he prepared his disciples for his departure. He reminded them that the Holy Spirit would still be with them. He promised to leave his peace with us as well. We shouldn’t forget that he tells us that the world cannot give us this peace. In fact, the world gives us quite the opposite! Remember how I asked about being overwhelmed, anxious, and burdened? All of these things come from the world. I feel these things most when I’m not in sync with God. It usually means I need to look toward God more. I need a little reminder from time to time.

Blocking Out the World to Focus on Him

Sometimes to avoid the burdens of the world, I have to block it out. Sometimes that means I need to stay away from all forms of media. I’m not encouraging you be unaware of world events and to pay no attention to things that are important, but when I feel especially overwhelmed I need to take a step away from it all. Sometimes I just need to consciously spend every free moment in prayer with the Lord to get my focus back on him. Whatever you need to do to feel that peace, I pray you find that place of peace in your everyday life.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your son and all that he did on this earth. Thank you that not only did he teach us your will, but he made the ultimate sacrifice to save us from our sins and all the burdens of this world. We are so grateful that he sent the Holy Spirit to be with us in his absence here on earth. Thank you for the promise of peace he brought us. We know only you can bring this peace and we ask that you help us to grasp onto it however we can. Please help us block out the burdens of the world on a daily basis and to look for your peace in its place. Thank you Lord for all of these things. We praise you and love you so much. It’s in Jesus’ holy name that we pray, Amen.

What helps you find that place of peace in your life?

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