When the time comes for the Lord to answer your prayers how will you respond?

We often think we will respond with absolute joy, but in Luke 1 we see Zechariah responded with unbelief and fear. Prayers had been going up for years and prayers of thanksgiving were going up at that moment. When the time comes to pray, let us pray believing that God will answer our prayers in accordance to His will and aski the Lord to prepare us to accept His answer.

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him.
1 John 5:14-15

The amazing part of how the Lord answered the prayers of Zecharaih and Elizabeth is that he not only blessed them with a child but it was the child coming in the calling of Elijah!  All children are special and have an amazing purpose from God, but this child was the one who would announce the arrival of the Messiah.

It was truly a blessing on top of a blessing! Yes, the prayer was answered in God’s timing instead of theirs, but look at how miraculous the occasion and blessings were. Are we willing to wait on God and his blessings?

Can we pray fully believing and patiently looking forward to the Lord’s answer when the time comes?

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Luke 1:8-9

How good you are, Lord!

It might have seemed by chance that Zachariah entered the temple that day, but you had it all planned out. He loved you and served you. He continued to be righteous even though one of the prayers he had prayed for years and years had seemingly gone “unanswered.”

You chose from the beginning a specific moment to answer Zechariah’s prayer!

You are not fickle or uncaring. Very much the opposite! You seem to love to surprise us with your love!

When we start to doubt that our prayers are going unheard, help us to hold on to this passage and remember that your timing is perfect!

In the One who chooses the perfect time in our lives for everything – Amen!

Luke 1:10

Lord,you willingly sacrificed yourself for us and you ask us to do the same. There is nothing too difficult for you to do, but you ask us to trust you while you are doing it.

Sometimes this takes sacrificing our logical side. Suspending our physical reality to allow your spiritual power to work. Through prayer we praise you as the Lord of all, begging you to move mountains, and work in visible ways in our lives.

Let us not stand with doubting hearts as we pray, but with completely trusting hearts. May our prayers be more than just routine.

May our prayers be set before you like incense; may the lifting up of our hands be like the evening sacrifice. (Psalm 141:2).

In the one who calls us to be the aroma of Christ on earth and to sacrifice ourselves daily – Amen!

Luke 1:11-12

Lord, you are to be revered, feared, and honored!

Zechariah was there in the temple in your presence and yet the sight of the angel of the Lord took him by surprise and gripped him with fear.

To feel alone one minute and then be taken by surprise realizing that we are not alone, is a powerful gesture towards us as well. You sent Jesus to let us know that we are not alone and that we do not haveto walk this world in our own power but in yours!

Oh, Lord, let us realize that your ever present power is with us. That we are never alone in this life, even when we can’t physically see you.

In the One whose presence cast’s out all fear and yet leaves us trembling in His glory – Amen!

Luke 1:13-17

Lord, long before people started laying palm branches along the road and yelling “Hosanna,” you were preparing a way for us to recognize who the Messiah is.

You sent prophets and gave them specific details. You told Zechariah not to be afraid because he was going to have a son, who would prepare peoples’ hearts for the Lord.

Praise you Lord, for preparing us and our hearts to receive your son, our Savior.

May we help prepare the hearts of others by sharing your amazing good news with them.

In the One to whom we cry “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” – Amen!



Luke 1:19-20

Lord, you are so merciful and gracious! You are the best gift giver and want to share the joy of what’s coming.

When you did share the good news with Zechariah about the gift that would be coming, he had a difficult time believing you.

The angel was shocked that Zechariah did not believe someone who was sent from the presence of God to tell him about this amazing blessing.

Oh, Lord, help us to believe you not just as we read about your mighty ways in the Bible but that you still work in mighty ways in our lives daily!

Help us with wisdom and discernment accept the news of what is coming!

In the One who is our good news and is coming back – Amen!

Luke 1:21-22

Your blessings mean so much to us, Lord!

We wait on you and your blessings in our lives, like the Israelites waited on Zechariah to give them the customary blessing after he came out of the temple.

They had no idea that he was actually receiving such a tremendous blessing from you!

Sometimes, Lord, we become so focused and impatient on waiting on being blessed that we forget others need and are patiently waiting on your blessings too.

Let us graciously share what we have received from you with others with a cheerful heart. Help us to realize that as we share the blessings you’ve given us with others, their prayers for blessings are being answered as well.

Oh, Lord, you do work in mighty and wondrous ways still today!

May we glorify you as we rejoice in how you have blessed us through our Savior, Jesus Christ!

In Jesus’ powerful name – Amen!

Luke 1:23-25

Lord, we praise you for who you are! You have done amazing things in all our lives and have gifted us with our mothers.

Lord, this day that we celebrate motherhood is a joyous day but it is also difficult one for so many.

You are aware of those whose hearts and arms ache. We praise you because you know their hearts and comfort them.

Elizabeth is one whose heart ached. She was barren and was very old. Her hope of having a child seemed lost but then her faith remembered Abraham and Sarah having a child at 90 & 100. Her prayers continued.

Her faith led her to glorify you even when you had not blessed her with what she hoped. Then in your own timing and for your own purpose, you answered her prayer.

Lord, we pray for patience as we lean into you with heavy hearts praying with all our might. We pray we will lean into your will and timing in our lives and not our own. As our hearts ache, we thank you for comforting us and preparing us for the days ahead.

Thank you for never tiring of hearing the same prayers.

In the One who is the beginning and the end and yet, chose to be born as a baby into this world – Amen!


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