As we walk this faith journey with our Lord and Savior, he blesses us with perfectly timed encouragement along the way. He knows when our hearts need a little extra nudge, reassuring our faith to trust him to perform the seemingly impossible!

Perfectly Time Encouragement: Praying Luke 1:26-37

The Lord has given us an entire book filled with examples of how he takes care of his people and blesses them in unimaginable ways. Let us dive into the Bible and bolster our faith as we see how the Lord has always provided perfectly timed encouragement.

Luke 1:26-27

Your timing, Lord, is perfect!

Why do we doubt that you love us just because things aren’t falling into place the way we believe they should?

It is obvious all throughout Scripture that you have a plan. Your plan is to restore our relationship with you. Everything you do is to bring everyone to that point.

Lord, we praise you for your ways and how they are higher than ours. We don’t always understand them. We don’t even always look beyond ourselves and our desires.

But in your amazing graciousness, you bless us with precious gifts!

At just the right time, after waiting for Elizabeth to be pregnant for 6th months, you then sent the angel Gabriel to Mary, who would be surprised to learn your plans for her.

Everything was perfectly timed so that Mary would be encouraged by what you were about to do with her. You are constantly prepping our faith to grow and be encouraged even through the difficult times.

Oh, Lord, may we take hold of each of these gifts you’ve given us at the perfect time, even if they are gifts that seem more like hardships. The blessing of getting to walk this life with the Creator of the world guiding our steps is an honor.

Let us cherish these blessings like Elizabeth and Mary cherished the miracles you did in their lives!

In the One who shows us that honoring God and his timing may be uncomfortable, but is always worth it – Amen!

Luke 1:28-29

Lord, we praise you for never showing favoritism!

You choose to use and favor those who love you. Neither their wealth, social status, nor education qualify them. You qualify them!

You showed favor to a poor girl and used her for an amazing purpose!

She could not even imagine what those words, “You are highly favored. The Lord is with you” meant. But she loved you and even though she was initially taken aback by the greeting, you knew she would be willing to walk the path you had laid out for her.

Lord, we pray as well that we will be ready to be blessed by you. Your blessings do not always come in a pretty bow, but they bless the soul.

The blessing you gave Mary, would cause her to be ridiculed and thought a sinner by those who loved her most, but you walked through those struggles with her and blessed her in ways they could not see.

Let us remember that choosing to follow you is not always an easy road. But the blessing of being favored by you is more important than being favored by the world.

In the One who came to earth as a baby and needed a mother – Amen!


Luke 1:30-33

Lord, your checklists are pretty amazing!
From creating the world to planning a way to restore our broken relationship with you, you have always had a detailed plan in place.
And here…here you show us how sometimes you make your plans known to those who are willing to walk in your ways.
Those who are willing to obey you find favor with you.
Mary found favor with you and even though she was startled by the appearance of a heavenly being, your assurance of explaining your plan helped her focus on why Gabriel was there.
Your plans didn’t end with Jesus raising from the dead. You have personally called each one of us to reach out and share with others this amazingly detailed plan.
Jesus will come back one day soon. How we look forward to that day!
Let him find us diligently pointing others to you!
In the One who is the Son of the Most High God and reigns forever – Amen!

Luke 1:34-37

How? It’s a question we have all asked you, Lord?

Sometimes we ask out of doubt and sometimes we ask in awe.

Your ways are so much higher than ours ways, yet in your goodness when in awe Mary asks, “How?,” you explain.

Praise you, Lord, for allowing her and us to understand. You knew the entire world would all ask this same question!

How would a baby be born to a virgin?

As believers, we know you make what seems impossible possible, but how?

You point to two things, the Holy Spirit and what you’ve already done with Elizabeth’s barren body, to bolster our faith that the impossible with you is happening again!

Let us be a people of faith, who in awe say “how,” and trust you, as the Creator of it all, to do what is only possible for you to do!

In the only One whose power is great enough to do what seems impossible and bolsters our faith with the Holy Spirit and the truth of your past actions daily – Amen!


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