Praying Luke 1

Luke’s perspective is different from the other gospel writers. Unlike the other gospel writers, who were Jews, Luke was a gentile writing to Thoepholis, which is translated those “friend of God.”

As we begin praying Luke 1, we start seeing the details of how God brought everything together over time to make every prophecy come true, then we better see his patience and love for us.

The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance. – 2 Peter 3:9

Luke 1:1-2

Lord, you know us to well. You know we are a doubting breed of people. Sometimes we can’t see what is right before us and all around us.

You open our eyes to truth and paved the way so that there would be signs through prophesies that would point to your coming. Then you fulfilled every single one of them. Nothing was done in secret and many were actually first hand witnesses of everything you did here on earth!

Oh, Lord, we praise you! For our sake, you brought together these first hand witnesses and encouraged them to write down all that they saw, so that years, even upon thousands of years later, we can still have first hand knowledge of what actually happened.

Thank you for those providing for our faith in such a beautiful way.

In the One who is the Word and instructed others how to write the Word – Amen!

Luke 1:3 – 4

Lord, we do love you! We want to grow in our faith and know you more. We want to be molded by you and not the culture around us.

We thank you for Luke’s example of thoroughness in how he investigated everything from the beginning and wrote it down, so we would know with certainty the things we have been taught.

Now, we pray, that we will take his example of investigation and do the same on our own lives.

Instead of just believing outright what we are taught by others, we pray that we will study your word on our own. Give us wisdom and discernment to see what your truth is. Help us distinguish it from the lies we are told.

Let us fall in love with you by reading it from your word!

In the One who is the Word – Amen!

Luke 1:5

Lord, we stand in awe of your plan. Sometimes we read over these verses quickly and don’t see the beauty of what you have done.

In this one verse, we see specific planning, with specific people, during a specific time frame. None of this was by mistake and from the beginning of time you were weaving your plan through the ages so that everything would take place at the exact time it needed to happen.

Your patience in allowing everything to come together at just the right time is astounding. Your promises unfold one at a time and as we read through the New Testament we see your promises being fulfilled over and over again!

Praise you, Lord, for your divine plan. And praise you for choosing us to be part of it!

We are not an afterthought but also part of what you had planned out in the beginning. We are here with a specific purpose to call people to you!

May we be bold as we proclaim the good news to those around us.

In the One who planned for a beautiful miracle to occur with Zechariah and Elizabeth – Amen!

Luke 1: 6-7

They were righteous…but!

Lord, it’s the “but” in our lives that calls us to lean into you and trust you even more.

The “but” reminds us that you are in ultimate control and that our relationship with you is not be based on “If I do this for you, then you will do that for me.”

You are faithful even when we are not faithful. You are good and just and loving even when things in life aren’t going perfectly. Your perfect plans prevail even when the timing is completely outside of our expected timeline.

Oh Lord, we love you and we trust your will for our lives. We pray that whatever our “but situation” is that we will not let our desire for it overtake our desire to love and serve you faithfully.

May we surrender to your will and timing in our lives. May we glorify you in all situations.

In the One who defies our imagination His love for us – Amen!

Luke 1:8 – 9

How good you are, Lord!

It might have seemed by chance that Zachariah entered the temple that day, but you had it all planned out. He loved you and served you. He continued to be righteous even though one of the prayers he had prayed for years and years had seemingly gone “unanswered.”

You chose from the beginning a specific moment to answer Zechariah’s prayer!

You are not fickle or uncaring. Very much the opposite! You seem to love to surprise us with your love!

When we start to doubt that our prayers are going unheard, help us to hold on to this passage and remember that your timing is perfect!

In the One who chooses the perfect time in our lives for everything – Amen!

The Rest of Luke 1

There is more of Luke 1 to come! We will continue to see how God not only has set everything up, but how he fans the flames of faith in those he has chosen to work through!  Some were willing and others were doubtful. Praise be to God that He loves everyone and no matter if we say, “Yes, Lord, I’m ready.” or “How in the world will this happen.,” our faith will grow abundantly as we obey Him.

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