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The book of James is considered to be written by James the brother of Jesus, which makes what he writes even more powerful. Why? Because James tried to stop Jesus. His family (brothers) thought he was crazy and didn’t believe Jesus when he said he was the son of God!

When his family heard about this, they went to take charge of him, for they said, “He is out of his mind.”
Mark 3:21

The After-Resurrection Conversation

After Jesus rose from the dead, he appeared to James (1 Corinthians 15:7).  Can you imagine that conversation?  I’m sure it was filled with lots of tears, repentance, forgiveness, and Jesus’ amazing grace. After that episode, James becomes Jesus’ biggest supporter.  As one of the leaders in the Jerusalem church (Acts 15), he bravely proclaims Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

The Book of James

In the book of James, James captures so much of what Jesus said in a shortened form.  It’s almost like he is saying,

“Hey, brother!  I know there was a time in my life when I didn’t believe you, but now I wholeheartedly do and I’m following you!  I’ve taken what you said to heart and sharing it with others because I don’t want them to miss out on the gems you have passed on!”

Praying James 1:2-3

Lord, help reset our hearts and mind. We often have a “why me” mentality and fall into complaining when trials arise. Help us to consider it pure joy whenever we face any type of trial because we know that through it you will grow our faith as long as we lean into you and don’t give up. Then we can look back and see all the awesome things you did to help us persevere. We will see how you can use our situation to encourage others. Praise your name for using even the most difficult time for your glory. In the One who walked this earth and suffered more than we can imagine to bring you glory – Amen!


James 1:4

Lord, you are amazing! You not only give us unlimited love and forgiveness, but you make us complete! You never promise this life will be easy, but you do promise that everything we do for you is worth it. When we get tired and frustrated, you cheer us on. You give us the strength to keep going. By focusing on you, we are able to see that we will not lack anything in the end. You will provide all we need for the here and now and bless us in heaven one day too! Thank you for being our biggest cheerleader and providing the Holy Spirit to help us focus on you so that we can let perseverance finish its work to make us mature and complete. In Jesus’ name – Amen!


James 1:5

Lord, we look to you for wisdom because you know all! We humble our prideful selves before you and admit that we do not. It blows our minds that you, the God of all, takes time to listen to each of us when we call out to you. You promise to give us wisdom and guidance, if only we ask and not doubt that we will receive it. Help us use this wisdom to better understand how to love you and others.

You are awesome and holy! Thank you, Lord, for all that you give us, from your son to your time to your wisdom. Thank you for such good gifts that draw us closer to you! In the One who taught us about how much you love us – Amen!


James 1:6

Oh, Lord! When we call out to you asking for wisdom and guidance, help us to wholeheartedly believe you will give it to us! Every day, you are growing our faith so that as we mature, our belief grows stronger and doubts stop affecting us like they did before.

If we have any doubts, help us call out to you like the father of the demon-possessed son, who cried out, “‘I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!'” And oh, how you helped him, Lord!

You rebuked the spirit and through prayer his son was healed! We praise you, Lord, for sharing such an example with us of how trusting in you and leaning on prayer is so powerful!

In the One whom we can trust to take our prayers to his Father’s throne – Amen!


James 1:7-8

Lord, you are holy and mighty! We know this to be true. We trust the truth of the Bible and see how you’ve worked in so many different ways. Sometimes we find it difficult to understand how you are working in our lives or what exactly you want us to do. Help us to continue to be in your word so we can  discern what is from you and what is not from you. We ask that we will hear clearly what the Holy Spirit guides us to do. Help us to trust that he will help us in our prayers.

We ask that we will be bold and courageous in our prayers. Father, let us come to you, fully trusting that you will not only hear our prayers but answer them in accordance with your will. We praise you, Lord, for this avenue of prayer. In the One who redeemed our relationship with you – Amen!


James 1:9-10

Lord, we praise you for creating each one of us in a unique and special way. We praise you because you don’t look on the outside or determine our worth based on our wealth. Instead, you look at our hearts. Our value is found in you and you ask each of us, whether rich or poor, to humble ourselves before you and to focus our efforts on what is lasting.
We pray that throughout our day we will humble ourselves to your will, even when the world tries to convince us that living a life in your honor is not worth it. Convict us to love you more than our physical possessions. In the One who gave us his heavenly comforts to humble himself to your will and save us from ourselves – Amen!

James 1:11

 How this verse packs a punch, Lord! We praise you for telling the truth and not sugar-coating the consequences to a life not focused on you. These verses show us how our focus can get so off when the world’s idea of success consumes us, that we can “fade away” while going on with our business.
Oh, Lord, we pray we do not let that happen. We don’t want to spiritually fade in order to gain the worldly things which will never satisfy. If we allow material possessions to take over our lives, convict us so strongly that we are willing to give them up for you!
May you always have our hearts. Let us freely share our possessions so they will never replace you in our lives. May we  focus our lives not on wealth, status, or power, but on honoring you with all that we are. In the One who humbles the proud and raises up the humble – Amen!

James 1:13

Lord, we praise you that only good fills every part of you! When we mess up, we often want to throw the blame anywhere but ourselves. We pray we will take responsibility for our actions. Help us lean into you when evil, tempting thoughts take root in our hearts and minds, so that they will not become actions that dishonor you. We thank you that you do not judge us by our temptations but help deliver us from evil. May we always remember that you will provide a way out when we are tempted. You will not let the devil deceive us into thinking this temptation is our only option. In the One who broke the hold Satan has over us – Amen!

James 1:14-15

Lord, we praise you once again for providing ways out when we are tempted. Help us not push the Holy Spirit aside, but to heed his warning when we rationalize why a sin isn’t so bad or so wrong. Instead of allowing the temptation to hold in our thoughts and hearts, help us flee from it. Help us ask for your help instead of trying to wrestle with it on our own. You are much stronger than we are. We know it’s by the powerful name of Jesus Christ that we can expel sin from our lives. May we reach out to you and call on your name instead of giving in to the evil desire and letting ourselves be dragged away into sin.
Our hearts break when we fall back into sin. But we praise you for being a God who will forgive us when we come to you with repentant hearts. Thank you for your love, grace, mercy, and ultimate forgiveness in Christ Jesus our Lord. It is in His powerful name we pray – Amen!


 James 1: 16-17

Oh, Lord, help us not be deceived by Satan’s temptations. He tries to make his “gifts” look so enticing. He wraps up death in a pretty package, that once unwrapped, delivers pain and suffering.

Instead, help us remember that you and you alone give amazing gifts. All your gifts bring life! Help us remember this even when those blessings and gifts come wrapped in trials. Drawing closer to you through these trials gives us the most precious gifts of all. In the One who showed us how obedience to you brings you ultimate glory and us glory as well – Amen!

James 1:18

Oh, Lord how blessed we are that in you there is only truth and love! Even more so that you chose “to give us birth through the word of truth.” What a precious gift! You have not left us in the dark but provided us the light and life we need to walk through this dark world and to be a light to others as well.

We praise you because when you give gifts, they are never for us to hold onto selfishly but to bless others with in the process. Help us to shine your light of truth so others may see your glory. In the One who is our guiding light – Amen!



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