Have you been praying Scripture for long or did you just start with the Praying Isaiah 53  Part 1 post?  Isn’t it amazing how praying Scripture over our lives gives us a new perspective in how to live each day?  Not only that but it gives us another opportunity to plant God’s truth in our lives so when we need to fight off the devil’s lies, we can recall it more easily!

Praying Isaiah 53 has really opened my eyes to who Jesus was as God’s son, a person and a savior!  With every verse, we see the gospel story unfold and we can’t help but praise Him for everything He chose to do!

Isaiah 53:7

For our rebellion, Lord, you were struck down. You chose to have your life cut short, so we could live eternally. Instead of choosing to get married and have physical children, you chose to die to yourself, give yourself in marriage to the church and produce generations upon generations of spiritual children. Your willingness to carry our judgement to the cross, brought physical death to you but destroyed the spiritual grip death had on all who believe in you! Praise to the Lord, who did not look at the temporal things of this earth as his goal but to the will of God and the eternal gifts of life as the true goal! May we have the same outlook. In the One in whom we find life, hope, grace, peace, and absolute forgiveness – Amen!



Isaiah 53:8

We stand in absolute awe of you, Lord! How did you do it? How were you able to keep silent and not proclaim your innocence. While your skin was being ripped open with each whip, you choose to focus on God’s will and be our perfect sacrificial lamb. Every time you were mocked or beaten, you choose forgiveness over retribution. Your focused on your love for us instead of finding a way of escaping this horror. Oh, Lord…understanding the depth of your love, brings us to our knees.

We try to defend our pride, our selfishness, our greed, our unwillingness to submit to your will and you silently took all of this upon yourself!

Break our hearts for you as your flesh was broken for us. Let us not sit idly by and go another day thinking that our will is more important than yours. You showed us how to fully give yourself to God’s will, even when physical pain and suffering accompanied it. Help us prepare our hearts to truly submit and follow your will for our lives, no matter how uncomfortable it makes us. Give us your strength to focus and stand up for you as you so lovingly stood up for us. In the One who did not open his mouth when he could have stopped his own slaughter immediately – Amen!


Isaiah 53:9

Lord, you continually keep us on our toes and fill us with hope with your glorious ways! You show us in scripture and in life that man’s ways are not your ways. Even though so many planned for Jesus to die like the wicked and have his body dumped with those whose bodies come off the cross, you chose for him to be buried in a place with more honor, among the wealthy.

Joseph of Arimathea, who loved you while living and wanted to honor you in death too, bravely stood up for you and went to Pilate. He asked to bury you in a tomb he had carved out of rock for himself. He choose to honor you above himself and in doing so fulfilled this prophesy that had been proclaimed so long ago.

Lord, we know you have things set out for us to do. May we humble ourselves before you too, so we can fulfill your will and bring you glory. Who would have ever thought that giving up a burial spot would be significant? But you can use anything to fulfill your purpose, you just need hearts humble enough to share. In the One who shared his life in every way with us, so we can have eternal life with you – Amen!


Isaiah 53:10

In anguish the night you were beaten, mocked, and nailed to the cross, you prayed with every ounce of your being to let this cup pass from you. “Not my will but yours be done,” was your final plea.

We wish their would have been another way for you to save us but your love for God and us confirmed that there was no other so you allowed God’s will to be done. You humbled yourself to the Lord’s will and in doing that you allowed yourself to be crushed.

But praise to the Lord that you were able to hold onto this promise “though the Lord makes his life an offering for sin, he will see his offspring and prolong his days, and the will of the Lord will prosper in his hand.”

You knew without a shadow of a doubt that this sacrifice would allow you to forever see your offspring and God would use this horrific moment as a heroic one!

May our hearts never fail to proclaim what you have done for us because of how much you loved God and us – amen!


Isaiah 53:11

Sweet relief! O, Lord, your soul endured complete suffering on our behalf. Even through the worst of it, you allowed the suffering to continue when you could have ended it at any moment. You persevered through the suffering of your soul and received the “light of life” and were “satisfied.” You received the ultimate satisfaction of justifying many.

How your love resonates through these words! Much like a mother endures labor to bring about new life, you endured the labor of sin and death to bring about eternal life…a light that will always shine!

Praise you, Lord, for enduring so much on our behalf and taking on all our sins! May we live in such a way to bring glory to you when we suffer, like you brought glory to God as you suffered, and to work to bring as many to you as possible!

In the One who received his gift of complete satisfaction and gave life to us all – Amen!


Isaiah 53:12

Lord, you deserve everything and we deserve absolutely nothing. Yet, you not only chose to give yourself up for us in order to save us from our sins but then when you had been given your rightful place because of what you did for us, you chose to share the “spoils with the strong.”
It is only because of you that we have the strength to carry on every day. You give us your love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. You’ve given us your spirit to guide us through this life, and to top it off you give us the gift of a relationship with God and eternal salvation!
You are to be honored and praised! May we honor you with our lives and not only praise you with our lips. Let the truth of what you have done because of your love for us, rock us to the core so that we will allow your love to mold us and shape us to do your will!
In the One who planned from before the beginning of time to save us from ourselves, no matter what how much he had to sacrifice – Amen!



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