Prayer for Moms Across the World

My husband and I adopted our son almost three years ago. Ever since we decided to adopt, I have had a wide range of emotions on Mother’s Day. Knowing that I will always share that day with my son’s biological mother encourages me to think of other women who may experience grief and joy on this day. This reflection helps focus my thoughts and prayers during this time. Join me in honoring these women in our thoughts and prayers this week!

A prayer for moms everywhere

Dear God, we come before your throne today, asking for your intercession in the lives of women across the world. We pray for…

  • the women who become moms today. Guide their hearts, minds, and emotions as they experience motherhood for the first time.
  • the moms who have lost children. Bring them the peace that comes only from you.
  • the mothers who work outside (or from) the home to provide for their children. Whether they work one (or three) jobs, help their work and sacrifice to be appreciated and noticed.
  • the moms who stay home with their children. Help them feel loved and appreciated by their children and spouses.

Father, we also pray for the moms who…

  • have chosen to place their children into adoptive families. Give them the peace and clarity they need in their lives. Help those around them celebrate their choice for life, but allow those moms an emotional space to grieve.
  • live in poverty. Help give them the emotional, spiritual, and financial supports they need to lead their family toward you.
  • are raising their children on their own. Remind their neighborhood or church communities to rally around them so those moms never feel alone.
  • became mothers through adoption. Bless their motherhood journey and give them the strength and clarity needed to raise their children in a new family.
  • became moms through foster care. Give them courage to fight for what they know is right and the ability to love even when it hurts.

We pray for…

  • the moms who protect their children from violence, war, and abuse. Let them know that there is still light even in darkness.
  • the women who have lost their own moms. Encourage us to surround these women with love. Help us give them the space they need to celebrate and grieve simultaneously.
  • the women who suffer from depression, anxiety, or mental illness. Put people in their lives to encourage them and help them get the support they need.

And we lift up these women as well…

  • the moms who love their children but not their spouses. Help them realize that one of the best ways to show love to their children is to love their spouse.
  • the moms who are struggling in their relationships with their children. Let them know that you are with them. Always.
  • the women who are “mother figures” in the lives of children in our homes and communities. Equip those women to engage, mentor, and love children.

We ask you to cover these moms (and others) with your love, peace, and mercy. May we never forget the importance of what the word “mom” means. In Jesus’ name, Amen


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  • Cassie

    Lori, this is beautiful and so thoughtful! I love how you pointed out and prayed for the mothers that love their children and not their spouse. Reminds me of a book I read recently. Great post!

    • Lori S

      Thank you! We know that focusing on your spouse can be difficult if you get too caught up in adulthood. We need healthy balance of love in our life!

  • Andrea

    Amen – what a beautiful prayer – gonna share this one 🙂

    • Lori S

      Thank you for being willing to share it!

  • Chelsea

    What a wonderful, heartfelt article. I am also an adoptive mother! Absolutely love the caring heart you showed us in this post.

    • Lori S

      Thank you for your kind words!

  • angie church

    just like all of us mothers need prayer. Being the best mother we can be can offer us stress we do not want to face. Thanks so much for the prayers and post
    come see us at

    • Lori S

      Yes! The moms need to stick together in prayer and in community!

  • Lo @ Mrs. Lo Tanner

    I love reading posts like these because they are always such an encouragement. Every mom has her own unique story and perspective of motherhood. For some, Mother’s Day brings up the hurt that was so much a part of their story. For others, it’s a great day. I love that your prayer is a piece of encouragement for all moms.

  • Alice Mills

    I found this encouraging and sent it to my daughter-in-law who is trying to adopt her nephew.

    • Lori S

      I’m so glad that you could send it to her!

  • Andrea

    Moms are such an awesome blessing from God – I don’t know if we totally get that