Okay, has your interest been sparked?! Did you check out all the fun inspiration at IllustratedFaith.com? Are you ready to get started?! LET’S DO IT!

When I first started journaling in my bible, I didn’t have as many supplies as I have now. That is totally okay because I didn’t need much to get going. Just a Bible and a pen!


{These are dollar store pens and a pencil from the Target Dollar Spot. You don’t even need a special Bible!}

Something I must remember, even now, is that what I love about Bible journaling cannot be all about the tools and supplies. I have seen all too often people so caught up in having the newest, coolest thing on the craft aisle that they seem to miss the opportunity for devotion. I have to keep myself in check with this, too. It is very tempting to pick up one more stamp, sticker set, or a new pen to try. Don’t get me wrong: there is nothing wrong with trying new things, it’s fun!

I want to remind us all that our focus is not the medium for our art but the WORDS that inspire the art.


{This is an example of a simple entry using only pen. Seen here are my wide-margin journaling Bible and a regular margin Bible.}

When I sit down to start on a new scripture, I first write out the words in a sketchbook or on a scrap piece of paper. This is my meditation time. I literally write the same verse several times, if I need to. My goal here is for the words to speak to me. As soon as that begins to happen, certain words begin to feel more prominent and seem to speak loudly. I will start to write them bigger, and my verse will begin to take shape! Use this time to really concentrate on the words. Meditate on them and consider their impact on your life. What is the Lord wanting you to hear?


{A sample page from my sketch book, showing my meditation process.}

Through this process, I start to get a feel for how I want my verse to look and the shape I want it to take! Once I feel good about that and how the words have led me, I move on to the artsy part in my Bible. Like I said before, even if you only have pens and a Bible you can still enjoy this form of worship! I choose to focus on the words because I have always been fascinated by lettering, but some people prefer to illustrate with actual people or boats or animals, whatever the text suggests. There are no wrong answers here. Freedom of your own interpretation and expression at its finest.


{Here are some examples of entries with minimal tools but maximum impact! These are made with pen and either colored pencil or marker – things your kids may have in their art supplies!}

Don’t be afraid to get started because the Lord is ready to speak to you! As you go along, pick up a fun stamp or sticker set here or there to keep you excited, and before you know it you will have a library of tools to use. But…

Remember this: the Lord doesn’t need all of this to speak to you.


He only needs YOUR open heart and HIS open word, so grab a pen!

What’s your favorite verse?

Why don’t you start your faith journaling journey by illustrating that verse?

(We would love to hear about your journaling journey!  Leave a message or tag us in your post.  Add the hashtag #creatingagreatday to your art.  We look forward to seeing how the Lord is moving through you!)
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