Creating a Great Day is excited to have the opportunity to highlight different ministries that individuals, families, and congregations may choose to support through prayers, financial giving, and/or their time. As in everything, we encourage you to pray about your involvement and listen to how God is calling you to take action.

Ministry Spotlight: Oklahomans United for Life

Today we would like to introduce Oklahomans United for Life!

John Michener is the Director of Oklahomans United for Life. Active in the pro-life movement since 2006, John has taught at scores of schools, churches, and community organizations on the topic of abortion. Before becoming a pro-life missionary, he served in the administration of Oklahoma Christian University, and he previously taught speech and debate. John and Jayne have been married for nineteen years, and they homeschool their two daughters.

Their approach is unique and one that draws people from both sides of the issue into engaging, grace-filled conversation.

Oklahoma United for Life


  • Am I silent when abortion is the topic of discussion?
  • Can my children defend their pro-life views?
  • Can we speak up without offending others or being weird?

Oklahomans United for Life will teach your family how to:

* Create gracious and persuasive conversation about abortion.

* Make a biological and philosophical case for life.

* Respond to the difficult question, “What about abortion in the case of rape?”

* Embrace the opportunity to share their faith in every pro-life conversation.

Who Can Get Involved

Oklahomans United for Life is a perfect partner for homeschool co-ops, families seeking to disciple their children to make a difference in our world, and congregations to engage the world around them.

We also offer chapel presentations, special event presentations, pulpit sermons, interactive workshops and classes, Sunday school classes, and outreach experiences at public venues and college campuses. Our high school unit includes handouts, homework, a writing assignment, and a test. Students who get involved with our ministry and want to do more will have the opportunity to become teachers themselves and help us to train other students.


Our workshop is appropriate for ages twelve and up, and families are encouraged to participate together. 

To schedule a free workshop for your family and friends, contact See us in action at

Cemetery Outside Boulder, CO

A cemetery outside of Boulder, CO that memorializes the loss of children due to miscarriage or abortion.

A True Story from a Volunteer

A volunteer who has been involved in this ministry for many years asked if she could take the outreach group to a cemetery outside of Boulder, CO where she had memorialized three children that she had killed through abortion.  The group went and was overcome by the thousands of crosses covering several acres.  These crosses represent the lives that are taken daily in the U.S. due to abortion.  Within this area, a memorial is set up to remember the children who were lost to abortion or miscarriage.  Each of the hundreds of plaques represents a child that was lost or killed.  After sharing about her three children she killed and what she was going through, she showed them her children’s plaques.  As she ended, she said,

“Thank you so much for what you are doing here and allowing me to be a part of it.”

Learn more about her story as well as others and this great ministry by watching this video.  If you only have a few minutes, forward to the 18 minute mark to hear an amazing testimony.

There are many people hurting because of choices they have made.  These people will likely not meet you in a church building, but will engage you in conversation in other locations.  All they need is an opportunity to be engaged gracefully and that is where the training of Oklahomans United for life comes into play.  Check out their information today and learn how you can get involved.

Oklahomans United for Life - Thank You

A “thank you” note that John received from a young college student months after striking up a conversation with her when she was 8 weeks pregnant.




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