“I am the servant girl of the Lord, let this happen to me.”  

This version of Luke 1:38 is from an easy-to-read version.  It is powerful on so many levels, but one in particular because it begs to ask the question:


Am I willing to be a servant girl of the Lord?

We’ve shared this version of “Mary Did you Know?” by Pentatonix before.  Not only is it beautiful, but it really seems to let this idea echo off our hearts.

Did you know that God would call you for this?

Are you ready and willing to trust Him so completely that at a moment’s notice you will accept a complete life change?

Are you ready to possibly be shunned by your family, friends, and/or society because of how God will work through you?

Are you ready to be the “servant girl” of the Lord, no matter the cost?

Are you ready to love so completely and trust that God will carry your broken heart?

If you knew all these things would happen, would you still choose to follow God’s calling?

Prayer Over Our Hearts

Lord, you are awesome and holy and your ways are beyond our imagination.  You have created the world, conquered the hold death had over us, and brought about a total and complete hope into our lives!  Help us to trust you like Mary did.  Help us to readily trust and obey your calling in our lives and to trust that you will walk with us every step of the path you call us to walk.  When things get tough, help us to hold firm in our faith and not doubt your truth.  In the One who knew what it would mean to leave heaven, walk this Earth, and save us from our sins – Amen!

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