Bible Journaling is interacting with God’s word in illustrated form and is such a creative way to put God’s word into our hearts!

McKenzie’s was inspired to delve into Bible Journaling and the results are so amazing!  I mean just look at them!

Based on Psalm 94:19


Based on Phillipians 4:13

Based on Jeremiah 29:11

Based on Proverbs 3:5

How It All Began

Her creativity has inspired many to try Bible Journaling.  Many have also requested that she create fantastic visuals for their favorite verses or thoughts and that is how The Lettered Light was born.


A little shop filled with words! A place where inspired words meet art and the rest is up for interpretation. Ink, paint, watercolor, stamps, stickers, and words… lots of words! A shop filled with pieces that will put a smile on your face on a hard day, remind you of our ever present Father on a lonely day, fill you with peace in an anxious time, and wash over you with love on every day. The Lettered Light is a place where your inspiration is the right inspiration and where His words will continue to guide you.

You can find The Lettered Light on Etsy where she offers both custom designs or reprint. You can also interact with her on Instagram.

The Giveaway!

Today we have an extra special gift just for you.  Register below to enter for your chance to win an 8 x 10 Digital Colored Print of “She is Clothed with Dignity & Strength” from The Lettered Light Scripture Art collection. 

Based on Proverbs 31:25

 The Lettered Light Giveaway!

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  • andi

    LOVE this idea – entering 😀

  • Ashley Swavel

    Oh wow – I LOVE this idea!!! I think I would have a minor panic attack writing in my Bible b/c of my upbringing but I really love this idea and think it could help the scriptures really soak in.

    • Kristi F

      I know what you mean. It took me a long time to be even open to writing notes in my Bible but I love how this brings the word alive in a new way. Some people journal in a sketchbook so as to keep their Bible intact. :o) Blessings to you!

  • Melanie

    What beautiful artwork. I’m tempted to give it a bash too. 🙂

    • Kristi F

      You should!! McKenzie has written several posts about how to get started and Illustrated Faith is a great place to go to get more info too. We will be hosting a Bible Journaling workshop this fall, so keep your eyes & ears open. We would love to have you be a part, even virtually.

  • Marissa

    These are so beautiful. I always admire the art work of others, as I really am not artistic. Thank you for sharing these and for the giveaway opportunity.


    The Cozy Reading Spot is open

    • Kristi F

      So glad you entered! It is truly amazing the creativity that God has gifted her with but she assures me, this talent can be learned. McKenzie will actually be putting on a workshop soon to teach us all how so stay tuned!

  • Heather

    I love the simplicity yet beauty of the designs. And the colors!

    • Kristi F

      She does an amazing job!

  • Cathy

    Oh wow, I really like this! What a creative, meaningful artistic idea! Love the giveaway idea as well!

    • Kristi F

      So glad you like it! McKenzie definitely uses her gifts for the Lord!

  • Danielle

    These are beautiful! i like to have Bible verses on my walls and bookshelves at home – these would be perfect for that!

  • ambs

    so pretty!