We know that every good gift comes from God and the gift of kindness is no exception.

Kindness makes our heart smile. It gives us warm fuzzies. Receiving kindness makes us want to give kindness too!

Kindness Cookies

That’s where these fantastic kindness cookies come into play.  You see, this month’s Family Time Training Activity, “Kindness”, is not just a one day activity. It’s about intentionally creating the attribute of kindness in kids and adults of all ages. (Truly, even we as adults need this reminder in our lives…like during rush hour traffic.)

This Kindness Activity includes:

  • The Kindness Activity Script, which has all the Bible verse references and important thoughts to share during the activity.
  • Act of Kindness Worksheet, which include great acts of kindness ideas.
  • Act of Kindness Calendar, which is used to show which acts of kindness you’ve completed.

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 The idea is to write the Acts of Kindness ideas provided in the worksheet on slips of paper and even brainstorm your own, then choose one of these each day to fulfill.  An extra fun way to choose your Act of Kindness for the day is by turning it into a Kindness Cookie, which of course looks like a fortune cookie.

Don’t miss the end of this post, where we share how else we used these Kindness Cookies.

Making Kindness Cookies

I found this easy to follow video tutorial by Red Ted Art that shows you how to make paper fortune cookies. I used these fortune cookies and put our Random Acts of Kindness inside each one.  This way the kids will take turns each day choosing a brightly colored Kindness Cookie that will reveal one way our family can focus on being kind.

Our next to youngest got to choose the first Kindness Cookie, because without prodding, he helped his sister clean up water that was accidentally spilled on the floor.

Going Beyond the Activity

There are so many ways that we can implement the ideas given in this “Kindness” Activity.  One idea that popped to mind was to fill these Kindness Cookies with what we love and appreciate about somebody else. Giving the gift of recognition is sweet!  

Our girls, along with one of their friends, filled out the slips of paper that go inside the cookies, ran to their fort, and gifted them to each other. The anticipation grew as they picked up each cookie, gently pulled out the slips and read the kind words written about each of them.  Of course, their mile-wide smiles expressed what the kind words meant to them.

There are so many people in our lives who do not know how much we value them.  We will one day speak of how wonderful they were at their funerals but why not take a few moments while it still matters, to share with them the jewel of a person they are? Make a batch of Kindness Cookies that they can enjoy and be encouraged by over the next several days or month.

However you choose to use the Kindness Cookies, we know that you will not only make someone else’s day a little brighter but you will delight God with your kindness.

An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up.
– Proverbs 12:25

Prayer over Your Heart

Part of the prayerencouraged in the script is to…

“pray that God would give you a kind heart like His.”

How beautiful is that?

Lord, we humbly come before you now.  We want to serve you with all our hearts and want to serve others too. Help us open our hearts to you and see the opportunities you put before us, so that we can cheer others up with our kind words and actions. May we lay down our hearts so that you can pluck out the selfish nature that lies within it and allow you to mold our hearts to express your attributes including the attribute of kindness.  In the One who displayed your kindness and love by stretching out his arms on the cross for us – Amen!


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  • Amanda | Maple Alps

    This looks like a really fun activity! I definitely want to do this!

    • Kristi F

      We are having a blast with it!

  • Andrea

    I’m looking at this and thinking – “and I hope they’re edible afterwards”…. 🙂

    • Kristi F

      Well….I guess you could make real fortune cookies. The paper would provide some fiber but definitely not much taste. Lol!

  • Alice

    I think these would be great with blessings in them at a party!

    • Kristi F

      Oh, Alice! That is a great idea! There are so many different ways they can be used.

  • Erin

    Oh my gosh! These are too great. I had to pin this idea. ❤️

  • Katie

    This is a very sweet idea!! I think my kids would love this or a variation of it 🙂 always looking for creative parenting ideas so thank you!

    • Kristi F

      You’re welcome, Katie! We keep the cookies in a little vase on our kitchen table and the kids get so excited to open one each day.

  • Heather

    Oh I love this idea and it is such a great activity to teach kindness to our children. I like to spend time on Sunday evenings doing a little bible lesson and activity with the kids and each month I choose a different theme, so this would actually be perfect for one of my Sunday evenings!

    • Kristi F

      What a wonderful way to spend your Sunday evenings! If your kids are like mine, they will be begging to open a kindness cookie everyday. They are having a blast with it! Blessings to you.

  • angie

    I so recall playing with these when I was a kid, not quite in this style but I love it. I am a grand-mother now and plan to share this with them thanks so much for sharing

  • Richard Okunade

    Great stuff Kristi, Very creative and practically drive home the principle of Kindness. God bless

  • Terri

    This is awesome, I am going to implement this into my sunday school lesson