In one week we will be kicking off our birthday celebration and you will not want to miss it! It will last all month long and includes some great stuff…read on to see how we will celebrate.

That’s right! One year ago, we were getting ready to kick-off this Creating a Great Day blog.  There was a lot of excitement and anticipation as to where God would take it.

When we started we knew one thing for sure:

Since our goal was and still is to encourage others and glorify God whatever the day may bring, we knew the devil would try to attack and destroy it however he could.  This is how the devil works, we know that so, from day one we started praying this prayer:

Lord, you are an awesome and Holy God and daily are bringing us into better understanding of who you are and how to love you and those you have created.  We pray that your will be done with Creating a Great Day blog.  That our hearts and minds will be open to you and your guiding Holy Spirit.  We pray that all we do will be glorifying to you and draw others into a closer relationship with you as well.  We look at this as a mission field to encourage our fellow sisters but also hopefully to reach others who may not be in a relationship with you right now.  May our words and internet presence be a shining light for you and may you be with each of these ladies as they lift up your name!  In the One who is the Word himself, Amen!

So much has changed this first year.  We’ve learned a lot, had to be flexible, and roll with the punches of life but God’s faithfulness has remained the same and we are excited to celebrate all He has done.

When God called us to start the Creating a Great Day blog, we obeyed and He provided every step of the way and continues to do so.

It has been exciting to see God’s faithfulness during this ministry throughout the entire year, and that is definitely something to celebrate.

Even though the blog’s birthday is July 1st, we will be celebrating with a Birthday Bash throughout the month of July.

We have so many wonderful ways of celebrating planned and hope you will join along side us!  We are sure you could say that in your own life as well.

Celebrate by sharing Your Story of God’s Faithfulness

We would love to hear your story!  How have you seen God be faithful to you over this past year(s)?  Share it with us by emailing it to info(at)  or sending it through our “contact us” page. We may feature your story on our blog.   (Use the @ sign instead of the (at) when typing our email address.  We typed it like that on this post so fake emails won’t come our way.)

In your email to us include the following:

  • Your name
  • Your story of God’s faithfulness to you over this year or which ever time you want to celebrate.  (Minimum 300 words, Maximum 1500 words.)
  • A picture of yourself
  • A short biography of yourself (3-6 sentences – check out our about us page if you need help.)

Hearing how God has worked in other’s lives is truly encouraging and gives hope as well as glorifies God, so share with us.  We can’t wait to learn how God has worked in your life!

Celebrate with Giveaways

It’s not a true celebration without gifts, but instead of receiving we will be giving!

Every Friday in July we will be spotlighting some services/products from fantastic companies that have impacted our lives and our ministry for the Lord.  We know you will benefit from knowing about them too.  Be sure to check them out and enter to win some great gifts!

We can’t wait to introduce you to:

So don’t forget next Friday, July 1st the festivities begin!  But you don’t have to wait until then to share how God has been faithful to you.

The Future

None of us know what the future holds, but we do know the One who holds the future. Because of that, we can stand strong in the faith and create a great day whatever the day may bring!


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