I am a proud wife and Mother! My hubby, Tyler, and I both attended Oklahoma Christian where our love grew! We got married, had two beautiful kiddos, our son Gunner and daughter Brooklyn and we are living a truly blessed life! I am currently a stay at home Mom, a Jamberry Independent Consultant and help my husband in every way in his position as a youth minister (it’s a true labor of love and we wouldn’t be anywhere else!). I am also working on my teacher certification so when both my kids get into school I will have a job that I am passionate about, get to see my kids all the time and will be out when they are out. I am most importantly a Christian and strive daily to keep God #1 because he is the reason I have all the amazing blessings, I give him all the praise!

1. What is your favorite Bible verse?
Romans 12:12 “Rejoice in hope, patient in affliction, constant in prayer.”

2. Who is the most relatable Bible character to you and why?
MARTHA! I am always doing something and feel like as long as you are working you are doing good. However, sometimes I need to be like my sister Mary and just BE in the presence of our Lord:) Martha meant well though!

3. What is your favorite go-to easy meal?
Spaghetti baby!!!! It’s always a crowd pleaser and I get to hear my babies try to say spaghetti, it ALWAYS comes out “ba’sketti!”

4. What are your hobbies?
volunteering, Church activities, planning youth group activities (my hubby is a youth minister), watching ID channel, hanging out with my family

5. What is your favorite tv show or movie?
My fav TV show is ANYTHING on the ID channel! My fav movie is ALL the AVENGERS movies (Yep…my nerdy hubby converted me into a nerd!)

6. What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?
take a nap (if my kids let me!), spend time with my family, decorating or organizing my house, shopping

7. Who is your role model?
My Grandpa I lovingly call “Boppa”! He has been has ALWAYS been the constant in my life that I knew I could go to. He would not only be there for me, but I always got lots of love, hugs and advice based on what the Bible teaches. Also, I could always rely on him for anything. I will forever be thankful for his influence in my life! I even named one of my kiddos after him!

8. Would your rather vacation at a mountain cabin or a beach house?
I would have to say mountain cabin! I grew up always going to Colorado on family vacations (and still do!) and I love it every summer!

9. What is the best thing about yourself?
One of the talents God graced me with is being a people person! I can literally talk to ANYONE and have know their whole life story at the end of the convo!

10. What is one of your favorite books and/or what are you reading right now?
“Muscle and a Shovel” by Michael Shank

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