In a culture that is centered on doing whatever is right in one’s own eyes, teaching our kids how to knock sin out of their lives is of the highest priority.

Preparing to Knock Sin Out

Before we can even begin to knock sin out of our lives, we have to start with the basics.

What is sin?

Who sins?

What does sin do?

Who is the only One who knows how to knock sin out of our lives?

Family Time Training’s “Knock Sin our of Our Lives” script lays the foundation to make this activity not only fun but packed with a powerful spiritual punch!

Learning How to Knock Sin Out of Our Lives

Warning & Interesting Unplanned Lesson

I love how these activities spark conversation around the topic but also open us up for lessons we never intended to learn. It’s like God is using this opportunity of studying his word to show us areas that we didn’t realize needed extra attention and helps us all grow in the process.

Using the Bible passages given in the “Knock Sin Out of Our Lives” activity, it was easy for the kids to answer and understand what sin is and that everyone has sinned.

When we listed off a few Bible characters and asked how they sinned, my kids were able to list these off too.

HOWEVER, when we asked them to list some of their sins, this was a little more difficult. The majority of them kept wanting to list off the sins of one of their brothers and sisters.  It suddenly struck me how much of a discipline it is to look into our own hearts and ask God to reveal our own sins to us so we can confess them.

It does no good for us to point out other people’s sin, when we are not willing to even look at ourselves and see what sins might be keeping us away from God.

We have a rule in our house: “Don’t tattle, talk to the person.”

This falls very much in line with Matthew 18. We are to talk to each other and encourage each other on their walk. But we are supposed to not just focus on what sins are in others lives without dealing with the sins in our own lives. (Matthew 7:3-5)

This was a great bonus lesson that happened while learning how to knock sin out of our lives! I wanted to warn you about it ahead of time just in case your kids try to start pointing fingers at others as well.

The “Knock Sin Out of Our Lives” Activity

This “Knock Sin Out of Our Lives” activity was sooooo much fun! My kids wanted to do it over and over again, which provided ample opportunities for them to repeat the main points of what we learned and how we knock sin out of our lives! We probably spent 20 minutes enjoying this activity.

Did you hear my daughter singing at the end, “I’m with God! I’m with God!” Love their little hearts!

Using Total Access to Help Fill our Lives with Jesus

There are a lot of spiritual concepts that are difficult to understand.  That is why I love using Family Time Training’s activities to help make the abstract more concrete through their scripts and activities.

With a Total Access online membership, I can quickly search for the activities based on age, topic, or Bible story.

If you’ve enjoyed this activity, then you will love having access to HUNDREDS of activities instantly through Family Time Training’s Total Access online membership.

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What spiritual lessons are you looking forward to teaching your kids this summer?

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