How do we react to Jesus’ power?

As we celebrate Jesus’ miraculous resurrection, are we willing to ponder how we react to Jesus’ power in our own lives? Do we even recognize that his power is working all around us?

The reactions to Jesus’ power in Luke 8 make it clear that our reactions have major repercussions.

Let me set the stage for Luke 8: 26 – 39

Jesus has just calmed the storm after being awakened by his fearful band of disciples, who were in shock and awe at how…

“[Jesus] commands even the winds and the water, and they obey him (v 25).”

Now they have arrived across the lake from Galilee where Gentiles live. It is within this very location that we catch a glimpse of how each of us chooses to react to Jesus’ power.

The Man in Self-Destruct Mode

The moment Jesus stepped ashore, he was greeted by a naked, demon-possessed man, who lived among the tombs. Of all the welcoming parties, this character would not rank high on our list of citizens to be greeted by, but Jesus doesn’t seem to flinch.

This man had no control over himself. The towns people had tried to chain him repeatedly but he broke away. His chain breaking ability did not result in physical freedom, but led into a more self-destructive mode.

How many of us have been on a road to self-destruction only to meet Jesus along the way?

The Demons

Upon seeing Jesus, the demons destroying this man’s life, bowed before Jesus. They did not bow out of reverence, but cowered out of fear. They knew Jesus’ power and authority but instead of praising Him, chose to work against Him. Where our Lord had given life, these demons chose to destroy it.

But they could not deny Jesus’ power and authority, so they begged not to be tortured.

Yet, when they had a chance to ask Jesus to use his power to help them, they asked to be cast into the pigs. The demons chose to continue down their destructive and rebellious path. Are we doing the same?

The Townspeople

Upon witnessing the power that controlled the demons within the man that the townspeople were unable to control, the townspeople allowed their fear to overtake them. They did something that seems insane….they asked Jesus to leave!

Really?  Why would you ask the one whose power changed a man from being insanely demon-possessed to being fully back in his right mind? Does this seem logical? Wouldn’t you want the one who was able to change the horrific happenings in our lives into something wonderful to stick around?

But maybe we’ve got our demons hidden. Maybe they are not as obvious to see and we don’t want to bring to light the darkness that’s inside of us?

Maybe we are afraid to loose something that seems good for something we don’t understand. Or maybe we’ve been hurt by loss after loss in our lives and can’t see how Jesus benefits us.

Trading our way of life for Jesus…that can seem crazy! Some choose to reject his presence and not allow him and his amazing power into their lives. Are you willing to let Jesus fully work in your life?

The Saved

Now we come full circle to the man who was once in complete self-destruction mode. Jesus had cast the demons out, and liberated this man from an every day prison of self-torture and loneliness.

He had been changed physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually by Jesus’ power and he could not imagine doing anything other than going with the one who freed him from his hell on earth.

However, Jesus seeing his heart and knowing his faith, encouraged him to go home so that those who were to scared to be around Jesus could get to know his amazing love and power.

Those who rejected Jesus would day in and day out be reminded of how Jesus literally transforms lives because they would see the miraculous transformation in the once demon-possessed man, who would not be able to stop sharing how Jesus changed him.

This man, who once seemed to be doomed to a life of self-destruction, would daily live to free others from the hell they are eternally facing. He would point back to Jesus saying, “You still have time to know him. Let him save you like he saved me.”


How are you choosing to react to Jesus’ power in your life?

  • Do you see how Jesus willing died on the cross but look the other way?
  • Do you runaway in fear of what Jesus might do to your life?
  • Do you feel like you are too far gone to have the chance to change?
  • Is your heart hurting so badly that you are finally willing to call out to Jesus and see what miracle He can work in your own life?
  • If you know Jesus already as your Savior, do you point others to Jesus proclaiming Him as the only One who can truly transform and save us?

How we react to Jesus powers when we encounter him will free us or cause us to continue to live in fear.




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