A House–and a Nation–Divided

In Oklahoma, where I live, we have a slogan: “A House Divided.”  This refers to families in which part of the family are University of Oklahoma (OU) fans and the other part of the family are Oklahoma State University (OSU) fans.  My family is one of those families.  We raised our children in an OU home, and our oldest child just started his sophomore year at OSU.  He is now an OSU convert, which has made for some interesting dinner conversation.

The Bible also speaks of a house divided.  “If a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand.”  (Mark 3:25 NASB)  Let’s back up to verse 24.  It states, “If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.”  Right now, this is my concern and my fear.  Race, political affiliation, gender, religious affiliation, age–all of these and more divide our country.  This is not to place blame but to look at the issue of division.


If we continue to allow labels to divide us as a nation, we cannot continue to exist.  Our country is in turmoil right now.  There are constant riots.  Ugliness surrounds the election and politics in general.  The wage gap between men and women is yet another point of contention.  Denominations bicker amongst themselves.  All these things have led to a division in our nation.  We are tearing our nation apart with all this.

Unity through Christ

I am not saying that we should compromise our principles.  We need to stand up for what is right, for what God tells us!  We must share the Good News of the Gospel.  The only way to have peace is through Christ.  As Christians, we must unite and take our country back.  Our nation needs a true revival of His people.  We must wake up!  We cannot sit idly by and wait for someone else to do it.  I am not talking politics here.  We must share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  If all Christians would stand together, we could make a difference.

Perhaps University affiliation divides my household, but it is united on God.  My husband and I raised our children for God.  We taught them about Jesus and all three of them have a personal relationship with Christ.  That was our duty as their parents, to teach them.  It is our duty to share the gospel with others.  We like to push that off on the Church.   But it’s important to remember that WE ARE THE CHURCH!

Do you share your faith with others?

If not, what prevents you from sharing it?

A House Divided


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