Every moment it seems we are faced with a new challenge.

It may be as impossible as finding a matching pair of socks or as important as fighting of the lies Satan is trying to whisper in our ears. Sometimes, it’s a challenge to keep the faith when life gets hard. Whatever the challenge, I’ve learned God can move mountains, even mountains of laundry and so much more!

I sit here on my bed tonight feeling elated simply because the mountain of laundry that had overtaken our master bedroom for the past weeks (yes that long) has been moved!  Thank you, Lord, for delivering us from the laundry attack! It’s seems silly in one instance, but it is so symbolic in another.

It’s so silly because…

  • I should be thankful we have clothes, even though some of the children would prefer to run around without them!
  • I should be overjoyed that we have machines that wash them so I don’t have to do it by hand, and
  • I should be saying thanks for the fact that many of these clothes were gifted to us,. This is even a bigger blessing because others took the time to share their blessings with us.

As I type, the silly part slides away.

My heart aches for some I love dearly and I am praying over constantly.

With every piece of clothes I fold, I realize that the real life-changing challenges that face us all have to be attacked one item at a time. We may want them to be removed instantly and truly God can do that, but in any situation, God won’t go against our wishes.

Have you ever noticed that?

God Can Move Mountains, but Won’t Unless…

Even when Jesus was healing people, he ALWAYS asked if they wanted to be healed.

I have a choice in how long this pile of clothes will grow in our room. Every day since it first started growing up from the ground, I have loathed it’s presence. Why can’t it fold itself?  Didn’t I do enough by washing it? Why is putting away clean clothes so ridiculously difficult?

No. The washing is a single step in the right direction, but more steps need to be taken.

Jesus could and will heal but we have to be willingly and ready for him to. In the Bible, we never see him healing anyone who wanted to stay the way they were or do it their way instead of his. Their faith and willingness to be changed allowed the healing to happen.

The following verse always takes me aback:

And [Jesus] did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.
– Matthew 13:58

It hurts my heart to think that maybe I’m like that too. Maybe there have been times when I just think this is how it is going to be and don’t even give Jesus a chance to move my spirit, let alone a mountain!

Does my faith in Jesus get trumped by the mountain before my eyes?  

Oh, Lord, may it not be!  You created those mountains and can move them too!  When those moments of unbelief arise, help me in my unbelief!  Let me trust you enough so that you are able to perform the miracles you want to perform!

We each have a choice.

Whether it’s attacking the laundry pile, taking steps to overcome addiction, walking the road of extreme illness and cancer, fighting for your marriage, or whatever else, Jesus is able to move our mountains. He may not always move the mountains in the way we expect them to be moved, but trusting that with his power and might we will be freed from the big and even the small things is a step in the right direction.

It all starts with having faith as small as a mustard seed and letting our Lord and Savior know that we are ready for that change.

Whatever your struggle, God can move the mountain.

Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed by the necessities of being a  parent today, or maybe you are struggling with something much bigger. Whatever your struggle is, please know that you can take it to Jesus. He wants to carry that load for you and encourage you through it.

He may very well even send someone your way to help you fold laundry, which is how my pile is finally gone.

Prayer over our hearts.

Thank you, Lord, for caring about the big and small things in our lives. Thank you for being a God who can do what seems impossible. Let us lean into your strength and not our own. When the issue at hand seems like an immovable mountain, remind our hearts that you are greater than anything we may be facing. We trust you, Lord, in whatever ways you want to work or how you choose to move mountains in our lives. In the One who spoke the mountains and ourselves into existence – Amen!

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